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Brewing great craft beer in South Florida

Our Journey

There are a more people brewing great craft beer in South Florida every year.  We absolutely love seeing the industry growing up and watching people check out the new brews.  Besides our own opening in December, there are a number of breweries that you can visit while you are here and we hope you check them all out!


How many craft breweries are brewing great craft beer in Florida?

As of 2016, according to Statista, Florida was home to 195 craft breweries!  Although we realize this number has grown in the past year, it is already a staggering number!  We’re proud to count ourselves as number 196 (or more, we’ll certainly check on newer statistics once we get them). 

This growth has shown itself all over the United States, which tells us that the craft beer community is not only here to stay, but that they LOVE smaller craft breweries!  It gives us hope that the industry will stay independent and proud, providing outstanding brews for their patrons for decades to come.

If you’re wondering who some of these folks are, we’ve put together a small list of the craft breweries in South Florida alone below.

  • Abbey Brewing Company – Miami Beach, FL
  • Barrel of Monks Brewing – Boca Raton, FL
  • Due South Brewing Co. – Boynton Beach, FL
  • LauderAle Brewery – Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Copperpoint Brewing Company – Boynton Beach, FL
  • Swamp Head Brewery – Gainesville, FL
  • Brew Hub – Lakeland, FL
  • Hourglass Brewing – Longwood, FL

Obviously, this is not a complete list, as there are quite a few in South Florida alone!  However, they are all outstanding breweries in their own right and we’re proud to call them brothers-in-brewing.  Here at West Palm Beach Brewery, we strive to be a strong member of this amazing craft brewing group and we are happy to see the list of breweries growing on the Florida Brewers Guild list!

Raising a glass to those brewing great craft beer all over the world

We hope that when you get a chance to visit us here in West Palm Beach, you’ll be sure to raise a glass to all of the outstanding craft breweries throughout our lovely state.  After all, they have helped to shape the future of dozens of communities.  In some cases, those such as Cigar City Brewing have seen history itself move forward, and that is very humbling.  That is why we raise our glasses to folks in the craft brewing industry.  Those who persevere, even in a time when big brewing would like to purchase the smaller craft breweries because, without those misfits, rogues, and boat-rockers, we would not have the diverse community that we call family.


Jan 22, 2018