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Brewing great pairings in West Palm

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When you have a craft brewery that features its own outstanding kitchen, you simply have to check out how the brews pair with the meals.  It’s a natural result that can end with amazing results!  This is because many craft breweries are brewing great pairings all over the United States, including our own!

Craft breweries are brewing great pairings!Why do craft breweries think about brewing great pairings?

Nearly every craft brewery in the country has some form of food available.  Whether it is their own kitchen, a food truck outside, or take out options nearby that you can enjoy in the taproom, the breweries want you to pair their brews!  After all, why not have a great meal with a delicious craft beer?  To us, this sounds like a match made in heaven.  It could even be better than cheese and wine!

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery, our Chief Brewer, Joel Kodner, has created a really great group of classic brews that make up the core of our brew list.  These in-house brews are brewed right here at the brewery.  This means you get fresh craft beer with every pour.  In addition, The Intracoastal Kitchen offers outstanding, made-to-order dishes for you to enjoy.  What better chance to try some food pairing?

Is it hard to pair food with craft beer?

Creating a great food pairing is easier than you might think.  For example, if you wish to pair a brew with our Jumbo Wood-fired Wings with Italian Chili Sauce, we would suggest our Palm Beach Porter.  This brew has weighed in well at Untappd and makes a great pairing brew!  It cuts the chili sauce just enough, while really bringing out the flavor in the wings, which, in turn, bring out even more flavor from the brew!

The most important facet of pairing foods with craft beer is knowing the style of the beer.  For example, you may not wish to pair a very bitter brew with a dish that contains several bitter ingredient types.  Instead, try pairing such a dish with a saison or porter, which have less bitterness and more contrast to your meal.

Try pairing your meal with a delicious craft beer next time you visit!

We’d love to have you visit us and Chef Andrew would be happy to create a great meal for you.  Don’t hesitate to ask our servers for suggestions on pairing options and see what suits you best!  We look forward to having you!  Until then, we’ll continue brewing great pairings for you to try in the future!



Jan 23, 2018