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Brightline Railroad: All aboard for great beer!

Our Journey

There is great news going around West Palm Beach!  The Brightline Railroad is making outstanding progress and that’s great news for us!  They’re headed right past West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault.  What does that mean?  It means that you’ll have even easier access to our taproom when we open in April!  Great right?

Brightline Railroad offers more than just fast transport

This improvement to West Palm Beach means a lot more than just easy access to the amazing local breweries, though.  By improving and expanding the opportunities within the community this way, we provide more jobs, more accessibility to tourists, and faster travel which is always helpful.  The progress on this project has been coming along extremely well and we’ve included some images below to show you how things have been shaping up.

Brightline Railroad is headed our way fast Brightline Railroad construction is coming along great Brightline Railroad builders are hard at work Brightline Railroad's tracks are coming together great!

We’re very proud of this city improvement, as we realize what kind of growth and opportunity will come along with it.  Not to mention this great service will be located just a block or two away from West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, a fact that has us cheering!  We love the fact that our patrons will have quick and easy access to our brewery after we open in April!

We look forward to the many community events that this addition will help to support, as it really is an integral part of the transportation system here.  The way we see it, if tourists and locals alike have easier access to area events, then our community will thrive!  The addition of this service means more support for local events like charity events, festivals, beach bashes, and more.

Hop a ride on the BrightLine Railroad and check out the craft breweries!

The great part of this project, at least for us, is that it will provide quick transportation for those enthusiasts who want to try all the local brews!  After all, we do have a bit of a vested interest in this as a new craft brewery and so do our competitors!  We all love the fact that this means more chances for people to come check out the beer!

We’ve been spending a lot of time lately writing about how great the craft brewing industry has become over the past couple of decades.  Featuring brews from all over the world has given us an even greater desire to get our brewery opened up and the taproom jumping!  We hope to see all of you in April after our opening here in West Palm Beach!





Jan 19, 2017