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Bring in the fruit-filled summer brews

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Funky Buddha seems to own the summer this year, as they’ve got a laundry list of fruit-filled summer brews for everyone to try.  Their taps are certainly busy and tasty, as the list of fruity brews seems to be endless, including some limited release brews that you are really going to want to try!  For example, their Get Pitted! Limited Release brew will be coming out in the last week of June and you won’t want to miss it.  The brew is not only infused with a fortune in tart cherries, it is aged in Cabernet barrels and will be limited to 3 bottles per person!

Tart cherries are always a winner in fruit-filled summer brewsWhat other fruit-filled summer brews will they have?

If you’re up for an adventure, then South Florida is going to be the hot spot to be at the end of a road trip this season.  Whether you enjoy a delicious Stout, IPA, or Porter, the folks at Funky Buddha have something great in store for you.  Their fruit-filled summer brews are both delicious and refreshing and they seem to have a never-ending creative streak flowing for their creation, as well as a label artist who really turns out some outstanding work to grace each bottle of craft beer they produce.  Check out the list of great craft beer that is currently on tap at the Buddha to see what fruity concoctions they have waiting for you!

  • Blueberry Cobbler Ale – If you love a great fruit-filled summer brew that is a bit on the odd side, then BCA is certainly the one for you.  Not only is the brew itself delicious and crisp, the artwork is outstanding as well!  You’ll want to grab one from the taps, then grab some to take home as well!
  • Fire in the Hole – This interesting creation is for those brave souls in the community.  Those who don’t mind a bit of fire with their brew and are willing to try a brew infused with not only Raspberries but Habanero as well!  Be prepared for some sweet and spicy surprises from this quality craft beer.
  • More Moro Blood Orange IPA – This timeless favorite has gained fast popularity in the craft beer community.  With a loving dose of blood orange added to a crisp and clean IPA, the combination quickly won over the enthusiasts that have discovered it and it will win you over, too.
  • Passionfruit Crusher – If you’re a fan of passionfruit, then this brew is certainly one you’ll want to check out.  At just 4.3% ABV, it is both sessionable and delicious, with a mere 35 IBUs, making it highly refreshing on a hot summer day.  The perfect fruit-filled summer brews are those you can drink the day away with and this is certainly one of them!
  • Pineapple Beach – This lovely blonde ale is another constant winner from Funky Buddha that has gained a fast following in the community.  Another reasonably sessionable brew at just 5% ABV, the IBUs are again very low at 20, making it highly refreshing, while staying just above that sessionable line.  Much like a sweet daiquiri, you’re going to want one more for the road, so keep your wits about you and call a cab at the end of the night, for propriety’s sake.
  • Raspberry Coffee Porter –  Our resident portaholic fell in love with this brew.  She made sure to take a couple home, as its Limited Release status means it won’t be around forever.  Smooth, low IBUs and an ABV of 6.4% makes this delicious Milk Porter one that you’ll want to collect for aging in the bottle.

Try some of these great fruit-filled summer brews and tell us about it!

We love it when we get comments on the delicious brews mentioned in the blog, as well as brews that you might want to suggest!  Leave us a comment about the brews you’ve come across in your travels that really caught your attention and maybe they’ll become our next feature post!  In the meantime, from all of us in South Florida, happy tasting!


Jun 12, 2017