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Calafia Cellars is producing amazing wine!

Our Journey

At Calafia Cellars in the Mount Veeder AVA they don’t worry about speed or how many cases they can produce each year. Instead, they focus on the intense quality of their wines, producing amazing wine that catches the attention of wine lovers everywhere who visit their lovely location. We heard about these outstanding vintners and simply had to pay them a visit. What we found was nothing short of paradise.

Calafia Cellars is producing amazing wineAmazing wine comes from solid roots and a bit of mystery

Calafia Cellars name comes from a very old history recorded by Christopher Columbus during his journeys about an Amazon society he had encountered. The story was sensationalized by many writers over time, but one thing that remained solid throughout each retelling was that the society’s wealth was guarded by griffins, which are now the emblem for Calafia Cellars.

We suppose it could be possible to have found a tribe of Amazons, though it was Cortez who named the region of Calafia Cellars after the Amazon queen, which later became California. We can certainly imagine an Amazon tribe living in the region, as they would definitely fit in with the beauty of the area. As for the griffins, we’re pretty sure Cortez was sampling a bit too much Tequila during his voyage. The moral of the story is to drink responsibly folks.

As for the roots of Calafia Cellars, those are deeply rooted in the wine making industry as a whole. The vintner, Randle Johnson, has several decades of experience starting with his education at UC Davis and continuing on for many years as he worked under several master vintners, learning the craft. Honing his own skills at the end during his employment at Stag’s Leap, he began making his own wines , which show the quality and dedication that he puts into every vintage.

What types of amazing wine do they offer?

Calafia Cellars offers a great range of amazing wine for you to try. In addition to producing wines of the utmost quality, they also produce wines from varietals that you don’t see quite so often in the Cabernet ruled wine industry here in the United States. For example, you really should try a bottle of their 2016 Verdelho, a vintage that features so many interesting flavors and aromas that you will spend a lifetime learning the wine fully.

Naturally they also offer a delicious range of Cabernet Sauvignon, as this is the prevailing wine of the region, and of the United States wine industry as a whole at this time. While we hope that the more overlooked varietals start to gain more notice with other vintners in the future, we’re very proud of Calafia Cellars for the great effort they put forth towards providing us with some of the lesser known varietals.

Try some of Calafia Cellars amazing wine and let us know what you think!

With so many delicious and amazing wine vintages available from this producer, we really hope you get a chance to try some of their offerings. If you do, make sure to stop back in and let us know about it in the comments. We’d love to hear from you and your story might spark our next feature post! In the meantime, from all of us here in South Florida, happy tasting!


Jun 13, 2017