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Calera wines are divine

Our Journey

Calera Wines, located in Hollister, is a winery that boasts idyllic scenery, delicious premium wines, and an atmosphere that takes you into another world each time you visit. Their dedication to their wines is absolutely admirable and we certainly enjoyed our visit to their beautiful estate.

Calera wines cares about their carbon footprintCalera Wines cares about their footprint

Calera Wines was established by John Jensen with the main desire of establishing a winery that creates wines like no other. The estate was chosen had been unaffected by urbanization and this made it easy for them to implement off-grid farming methods that have helped to preserve the integrity of their wines. Their Certified Organic status is a great show of their dedication to not only created outstanding premium wines but also to trying to protect the environment, one step at a time.

At a time when organic growing and alternative energy practices are becoming the norm, this winery is miles ahead of the game, having produced natural wines from the very inception of the estate. This is a point of pride for them, as they can truly be considered pioneers of the Certified Organic movement.

Take a taste of quality and enjoy the view

Calera Wines holds several events throughout the year, including their September food and wine pairing event which has gained quite a bit of notice. This is not surprising to us, as we love food as much as we love wine and pairing the two is always a joy. In addition to their many events, Calera offers wine tastings at just $10 per person. This fee is waived if you purchase wine in the amount of $50 or more, which makes it quite tempting to take home a bottle or two.

Tastings are held daily from 11 AM to 4:30 PM and are well-worth the time taken. The staff is more than happy to help you select wines to try and they can tell you a bit more about the soils and microclimates of the blocks the grapes were selected from as well.

If you do have the opportunity to visit, be sure to try their Pinot Noir, as it has been receiving outstanding reviews. Also, ask the staff about club memberships and tours, as you’ll want to bask in the absolutely beautiful scenery while you are there.

Don’t forget to stop back in and tell us about your experience! We love hearing from our readers and your comment may be the inspiration for our next feature. Let us know which wines you tasted and what you thought of the estate as a whole. In the meantime, from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


Jul 5, 2017