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Calistoga AVA is showing great promise

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The Calistoga AVA has a variety of vineyards and wineries that are producing outstanding premium wines for the market.  Although this AVA is not mentioned as much as ones like Stag’s Leap, it certainly shows quite a bit of promise.  Fairwinds Estate Winery is one of the notable wineries that utilizes blocks from this AVA and their premium wines are some of the best in the United States.

What makes Fairwinds such a great place?

Fairwinds Winery is an absolutely lovely estate.  Located just off of the Silverado Trail, the estate was established in 1969 and has gained popularity over the years.  We can certainly understand why, as their wines exude a quality that is reminiscent of vineyards of old when wine never had a timeline but was imbued with the passion of the winemaker.

The idyllic scenery at Fairwinds certainly adds another layer of appeal to this beautiful estate.  With acres of lovely trees and hills, there is plenty of room for the imagination to soar as you enjoy a tasting experience of their delicious wines.  In fact, the views from their picnic area are likely to add to the air of beauty this entire estate seems to exude.

A tour and tasting at Fairwinds is a perfect choice

With a 22,000 square-foot cave dedicated to aging their lovely wines, Fairwinds offers some of the most enjoyable tours imaginable.  Their interesting and knowledgeable staff are more than happy to discuss the wines at length, helping you to better understand the terroir each one has imbued within its fragrance and flavor.

If you do get the chance to visit this gorgeous estate, be sure to stop back and tell us about your experience.  We’re sure you will enjoy their delightful wines and we’d love to know which ones truly caught your interest.  Leave us a note in the comments and your story just might inspire our next post on this lovely estate.  Until then, happy tasting!



Jul 5, 2017