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What can you find at Founders right now?

Our Journey

Founders Brewing Company has a reputation for creating outstanding craft beer with gorgeous label art. The brews we tried while visiting their taproom recently are no exception to that rule and we even picked up some bottles to add to the label art collection. While collecting label art might seem a bit silly, it gives us a reminder of how deeply the craft brewing community is connected to the communities in which they thrive.

Why is label art so important?

Label art, especially that which is commissioned from local artists, should be one of the most important things about the craft beer you enjoy. Ok, yes, we realize that flavor, aroma, and finish are all huge factors, but locally commissioned label art shows a deep dedication to the community. This is something every craft brewery should strive for, as we’re capable of affecting great changes in our communities overall.

Without many of these great craft breweries, art programs at local schools would no longer exist. The local art class at the museum may be discontinued without the funding that the local craft brewery offers. A local family may not have the income needed to survive without locally commissioned artwork created for their brewery nearby. One simple feature of a craft beer could mean a huge difference to dozens of people, which is absolutely astounding considering our breweries often start out so small.

What great brews are available with Founders art right now?

The Founders taproom has a great list of brews available right now. We particularly love their Rubaeus, which has gained a decidedly large amount of popularity since its release. Much the same as Frootwood, which became a hit shortly after its release as well. Founders clearly have a solid hand for brewing. Below we’ve listed a few of the great brews they have on tap currently (bear in mind this list could change before you visit).

  • Nitro Oatmeal Stout – An amazing oatmeal stout is already a hit with us, but when you turn it into a Nitro all bets are off. This brew was already great and the rebirth of the brew to their Nitro line simply made it that much better. With an ABV of 4.5%, this brew is also sessionable, so get in there and enjoy a lazy day of craft brews.
  • 4 Giants DIPA – Have you ever wondered what it would be like to blend four different hoptastic IPAs into one mega-brew? That is precisely what Founders has done with this delicious IPA and the results are fantastic! However, at 9.3% ABV, you may want to schedule a cab home, because the flavor and aroma are going to make you want more.

Tell us about the brews you try

Make sure to stop back in and tell us about the brews you tried at the Founders taproom. We love hearing from our readers and your comment might spark our next brew feature. In the meantime, from all of us in South Florida, happy tasting!


Jul 1, 2017