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Catch a Flying Fish or two

Our Journey

We recently featured Flying Fish Brewing Company for their amazing sustainability program that includes solar power, water recycling, soil preservation, energy conservation, more recycling, and a strong drive to make their community a healthier place.  It only makes sense that we would feature a few of their brews as well because the outstanding nature of this brewing company doesn’t stop at its community efforts.  Indeed, they brew some absolutely astounding craft beer as well!

Flying Fish has some pretty Stout offerings

The first brew we’d like to bring attention to is their Exit 1 Bayshore Oyster Stout.  Yes, we realize that name sounds a bit fishy, but we can assure you the brew is amazing.  Yes, it really is brewed with oysters.  No, we’re not kidding.  However, the blend worked out really well (it’s only oyster shells, at least that’s what they told us).  Somehow this blend of malts, hops, shells, and time really came together great and produced an ABV of 7.5% that doesn’t bite you hard from the start.

This brew is a seasonal delight that is only available during the winter months.  We found that it paired really well with oysters on the half shell (obviously) and we can definitely imagine it paired with a nice ribeye, too.  The hints of chocolate and roasted malt come together really well with what we discovered was the result of Irish Ale yeast used to make the brew.  The fruity delights hidden in the flavor profile were a nice surprise and we look forward to trying more of their creative brews in the future.

Make it a double and hop to it

As with many craft breweries across the United States, Flying Fish has their own range of Double IPAs that they’ve been sending out to the shelves.  Their brew, Exit 16 Wild Rice Double IPA, is an interesting brew that is brewed with a six hops blend that really pops.  The aroma of the brew is enough to make your mouth water, which really caught our attention fast and drew us in for that first delicious sip.

As expected with a Double IPA, the ABV on this craft beer is sitting at a respectable 8.2%, which isn’t overpowering in this brew.  While many doubles have a habit of offering up that alcoholish aftertaste, this one doesn’t have that, which was a pleasant surprise.  With a really nice citrus aroma and flavor profile, this brew would be great with a variety of foods, which is an added bonus.

Check out some Flying Fish and enjoy the afternoon

We’d love to hear about any of the Flying Fish brews you’ve encountered in your travels.  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of them, or tell us about other brews you’ve come across.  In the meantime, we’re signing off so we can get back to work on our own brewery here in West Palm Beach, Florida where we’re anticipating an opening around Oktoberfest time.  Happy Brewing!


Apr 22, 2017