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Catch an outstanding brew on Eel River!

Our Journey

We’ve spent several years exploring the many old and new craft breweries that have appeared in the craft brewing industry.  It has been a great journey and we’ve really enjoyed traveling around and tasting some of the most amazing craft beer in the United States.  Today we’d like to report on yet another brew we’ve found that really caught our attention.  Whilst traveling through the Western States, we came across Eel River Brewing Company in Humboldt County, California and we simply had to check them out.  After all, what craft beer lover wouldn’t want to see what kind of treasures they could find at a brewery they’ve found right?

Eel River California Blonde AleWhat we found was some truly outstanding craft beer from folks that are highly dedicated to their craft.  The craftsmanship of the brews they offer is on a level with many of the great breweries we’ve come across and they don’t plan on letting go of their quality, ever.  This is apparent in their brews, which proved to be absolutely delicious and highly drinkable both in the short and long runs.  That takes some serious talent, as there are plenty of brews out there that are great for the first glass, but you just don’t want a second glass for whatever reason.  Eel River is producing brews that we could drink all night long and still want another.

Their organic California Blonde Ale is exactly what we needed during our visit to their great facility.  It was refreshing, crisp, and not at all overpowering like some brews can be.  The color is a gorgeous golden blonde, as it should be, and the head is impressive, while small.  Plenty of bubbles there, as you can see in the image at the left, and the crisp and clean label on the bottle really says a lot about the brew.  It is as crisp and clean as the label and we really wish we would have brought some home with us!

We didn’t get a chance to try all of their brews, but we definitely plan on a second trip to do exactly that.  We’d happily suggest taking a road trip to visit these folks, as their organic brews are making a huge impression on craft beer enthusiasts and made a huge impression with us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault.  Perhaps we’ll have them as a “guest beer” after our opening later this year in October.  Until then, make sure to pay them a visit and see what they have to offer.  We’re sure you’ll find at least one great craft brew to add to your list of “must-have” brews, as we’ve done exactly that with their California Blonde Ale.

Leave us a comment about any of the brews you’ve tried from Eel River Brewing so we can add them to our list for the next trip.  You never know, your brew might become our next feature post and we love to hear about the brews our readers really love.


Apr 4, 2017