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Chateau Canon in Saint Emilion has beautiful vineyards!

Our Journey

Chateau CanonChateau Canon in Saint Emilion has lovely vineyards is located in Saint Emilion, an absolutely breathtaking region of France that is well known for producing some of the most delicious premium wines in the entire world.  The winemakers of this region follow tradition closely and their experience is deferred to by budding winemakers all over the world.  Chateau Canon in Saint Emilion is no exception to this, as their winemakers are renowned for their talents.

The village of Saint Emilion is one steeped in history and nearly untouched by time.  Imagine walking into a fairytale full of white stone streets, vendors, old-fashioned shops, and a variety of wines available that make the mouth water just at the thought of uncorking their mysteries.  The 11th-century spire-topped cathedral is the first thing you will notice upon approach and the lovely historical treasures within are worth the chance to gain wine memories to cherish!   There are several tour options available through various providers, however, we’ve found that the day tours through French Wine Adventures have been given great reviews and offer some of the best experiences.

Quality starts deep in the earth at Chateau Canon in Saint Emilion

The vineyards at Chateau Canon in Saint Emilion have even more mysteries to offer, from the soil within which their vines grow, to the subterranean caverns far below the vineyard itself.  The clay and limestone substrate provides their grape vines with a constant, but not overdone, water supply that allows the vines to grow continuously, unlike many other soils would provide.  The underground caverns are a treasure and were formerly used as quarries, from which men would gather the stone used to build the city and the many lovely chateaux around the countryside.

Chateau Canon in Saint Emilion has vineyards that produce wines with outstanding flavor

The vines at Chateau Canon in Saint Emilion have outstanding quality and grow on deep soilThe premium wines produced by the Chateau feature a subtle nose, deliciously strong and vivid color, and a refreshing taste for your palette, making them highly sought-after among the connoisseurs of the wine industry.  Even here in West Palm Beach, Florida, we seek to add their wines to our racks any time we can.  Perhaps if you’re passing through Florida after our opening in 2017, you will stop in a try a glass of wine from the list we will be offering.

Many wines will be featured, hopefully including those of Chateau Canon in Saint Emilion at some point while we slowly cycle our list of available wines and try to provide some of the most outstanding premium wines from around the globe.


Dec 30, 2016