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A Wine Buying Cheat Sheet


Deciding on a bottle of wine to buy can be, at times, a bit overwhelming.

Without having to check every producer and region while you’re still at your local wine shop or grocery store, heres a quick cheat sheet we’ve found useful when looking for that perfect bottle at any price point.  

Keep in mind that learning more about your favorite varietals, wine making styles and regions will help make you make informed choices about the wine you buy. If you notice you enjoy Cabs from a certain AVA, do little research of your own and look for smaller producers or similar but undervalued regions to snag a good deal. 

Wine is living and always evolving.. theres always more to learn about the wines you’ve tried and ones you’ve yet to enjoy. 


If you enjoyed this chart be sure to check out more wine education and infographics from Wine Folly. They’ve got great resources and articles on everything wine!

Happy Sipping! 


Nov 1, 2017