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Check out California Sunshine Rye IPA!

Our Journey

California Sunshine Rye IPA is great!Devil’s Canyon Brewing Company is known for a variety of things, including their outstanding craft beer label art, their delicious craft beers, and a dedication to quality that is hard to match.  Here in West Palm Beach, Florida, we strive to meet the quality standards of these folks after our opening later this year, because they truly are leaders in the craft brewing industry.

This brew, as seen at the left, has a lovely golden color to it and a head that lasts for days.  Plenty of carbonation, but not so much that it’s irritating, and a nice lacey foam is left after drinking.  The hazy appearance of the brew is quite nice and the aroma held hints of rye (naturally) and a bit of a hops presence, though it is faint.

The flavor of the brew is what really tripped our triggers.  Since rye isn’t an often used ingredient in craft beers in the United States, it makes this brew really stand out from others.  Truth be told, you’re either going to absolutely love it, or absolutely dislike it.  There really is no in between with this beer.  That is not just our view, but the view of folks all over RateBeer, BeerAdvocate, and Untappd as well.  While some loved the brew, others did not.  There was no real in between for any of them.

We suggest giving it a shot because it’s not every day that you will get to try a Rye IPA.  Rye is, as we said, not a commonly used grain, due to the fact that far more must be used to gain the same ABV as other brews made with barley.  As such, it’s almost considered a specialty beer here in the United States, as most do not choose to go to the expense of making it.  We loved this craft beer, hazy and rye-filled glass and all.  Even the bitter aftertaste was an interesting result for us and we can’t wait to try other rye beers from around the world.

If you have tried California Sunshine Rye IPA, other rye brews, or any of the Devil’s Canyon beers, remember to leave a comment with what you thought of them.  We love hearing from our readers and your comment just might spark our next feature post!  Until next time, we’ll be right here in West Palm Beach, overseeing the construction as we work our way to our opening for later this year.  Happy brewing!


Apr 21, 2017