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Check out a Perrin brew this summer!

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Perrin Brewing Company is one of the many outstanding old and new craft breweries throughout the United States that are showing more dedication to their crafting processes every single year.  These folks have a great variety of brews for people to enjoy and we’ve mentioned them on the blog before.  We figure that with summer in full swing, it’s time to roll back and take a look at what some of the breweries we’ve featured before have available for this rockin summer.

Perrin has great availability this season

The list of craft beer that these folks have available has a great range to it this season!  Although this is not exactly new for this brewing company, we’re always pleased to see a good bit of variety on a tap list.  We’ve put together a list of our favorite Perrin brews for you to check out and we hope you have the chance to give them a try.

Hotbox Brown – This delicious brew has a great twist, with the addition of Hot Box Roasters beans.  Perrin’s classic Brown Ale takes on a whole new image in this brew, as it is a complex brew that has flavor and aroma for days.

Perrin Black – This black ale is absolutely outstanding.  Although it is the darkest color you could imagine, it is surprisingly light on the palate, with plenty of flavor and aroma.  A slightly bready aroma fills your nostrils and draws you right in for a brew that will become one of your favorites.

Funk You Berry Much – We, naturally, had to add in at least one brew that fits the fruity summer scene.  With fruit beer becoming all the rage, this brew fits in perfectly, while remaining robust enough to still remain cool with the upper crowd.  As a nitro brew, it is one of the best and well worth the growler fill!

Check out Perrin’s brews and tell us what you thought!

We love hearing from our readers, so be sure to stop back in and let us know about your experiences with the Perrin brews you have tried.  Also, if you’re in West Palm Beach later this year, be sure to stop in as we’ll be opening our doors to the public here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault in October!


Jun 20, 2017