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Chimney Rock: Not just a historical monument

Our Journey

Chimney Rock Winery is located in the luscious Napa Valley region of California and they are producing wines that show quality, taste, and excellent aroma. The winery itself is absolutely lovely and possesses an old world feel to it that draws you into their world of beauty. A world filled with promise, dedication, resolve, and sustainable beliefs that have held the wine making industry strong through the ages.

Sustainability is important to Chimney Rock

The sustainability program at Chimney Rock has grown into something that any winemaker would be proud of. With dedicated beliefs that lean towards natural growing, green energy, and clean living, this vineyard and winery is an asset to their community and continues to provide great wines while keeping their local environment as clean and natural as possible. From their 100% solar power innovations to the cover crops they plant between rows to prevent soil erosion and nutrient loss, this winery has taken great steps that earned them Green certification through the California Land Stewardship Institute.

Located in the Stag’s Leap district, all of their Bordeaux and Cabernet Sauvignon vines are grown on a 131-acre estate where Fletcher has taken huge strides towards creating a vineyard that produces natural fruits. Each trellis is set up to make the best use of the space and ensure that both sides ripen at an equal rate, affording them the opportunity to have a greater harvest of smaller, highly concentrated grapes. This initiative was set into place after a wide-spread Phylloxera outbreak devastated the Napa Valley region, leaving winemakers to figure out new practices to protect their vines.

Quality, not quantity, that is the key

While it may be tempting to produce as much wine as possible from such outstanding crops, Chimney Rock is focused on premium wines that age well in the bottle and still taste outstanding when fresh as well. By carefully selecting grapes and taking the time to finely tune their process, they’ve been able to create wines that are very well-balanced and adored by those who purchase them.

By arranging their blocks with the specific soils and needs of the vines in mind, the Terlatto family has been able to specialize each section and give each block the exact attention it needs. This has resulted in wines that surpass the standard. The premium wines being produced at the winery are Estate Collection level in quality and taste and we’re proud to feature Chimney Rock in our list of amazing Napa Valley wineries.

Take a vacation and pay them a visit

Tours and tastings are available daily at Chimney Rock and guests are encouraged to ask questions about the vineyard, winery, and the processes they use to make the wines. There are several tour options from public to private and a special seasonal guided tour of the entire estate, something Chimney Rock has created as a new experience.

Remember to stop back here and let us know what you thought of this lovely vineyard and winery. We enjoy hearing from our readers and your comment just might be the cause of our next feature post! In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


May 10, 2017