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Why choose craft beer?

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Have you ever wondered what makes people choose craft beer over the highly commercialized brews on the shelves?  If so, then you really need to stop by your local craft brewery and check out the difference between the two.  Whereas commercial brews have a mid-range ABV and a bit of flavor, you can expect plenty of flavor, aroma, and enjoyment from a craft beer.

Why do people choose craft beer over other options?The quality is one reason people choose craft beer over big-name labels

When it comes to quality, craft beer simply cannot be beaten.  Sure, big-name labels have standards, but they also have massive production facilities, higher overhead, and huge production numbers to meet.  At your local craft brewery, you can expect smaller batches and higher flavor and aroma yields.  In addition, many craft breweries have turned to locally sourced ingredients, which means you’re helping to support your own community!

We’re not saying that big-name labels have no quality.  They do have standards.  However, if you ask any craft beer lover, they’re going to tell you that the quality of a fresh craft beer is incomparable to those other brews.  There is just something truly refreshing about a fresh craft beer that you cannot get from a canned commercial beer.  It is much like the difference between a canned brew and one in a bottle.  There is just a difference, once that we often cannot quite put our finger on.

When we choose craft beer, we are often choosing the little dog in the fight

It is natural to want to back the underdog.  We’ve all done it.  We do it every time we choose a six-pack of craft beer to take home.  When we make this choice, we are choosing to support the little guys out there.  The Mom-n-Pop restaurants, the corner stores, the roadside stands.  We are choosing diversity, ingenuity, and independence  Somehow, that seems exactly right.

So, next time you head out to grab drinks for your barbeque, or choose a place for your sports party, why not choose craft beer and a local brewery that you love?  You’ll be glad you did!



Feb 1, 2018