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Choose a second wine for your event

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While we’ve been spending a copious amount of time talking about all of the great craft beer on the market this season, we’ve not said very much about the great wines out there.  As the Fourth of July is, quite literally, just a few days away, we realize you may not have time to grab some of the top end wines for your events in time.  However, there are some other great wines out there as well.  As we’ve said before, there are many second wines out there that hold their own in the market very well and would make a great addition to any event.

What is a second wine?

To be honest, a second wine is only different from a premium wine based on the grapes used in production.  Whereas winemakers are extremely judgemental of the grapes they select for their premium wines, they are able to be a bit less fussy where the second wines are concerned.  However, this does not make these wines any less special.  In fact, sometimes a second wine turns out better than the premium selection does, which is always an interesting moment for the winemaker.

There are a great variety of second wines out there that are likely readily available for your event this Fourth of July, so be sure to check your local shops and see what they have to offer on the shelves.  While these won’t be $75 a bottle monsters, they’ll certainly be a great accent to your party.

What wines should we be checking out?

While you may not know it, there could be vintners in your local area, so be sure to check that option out first and foremost.  Do a proper search to see if there is a vineyard in your region, as you’re sure to want to support your local vineyards first.  If there are none, then never fear, as there are plenty of great wines out there that you can add to your party.

For example, not everyone has the chance to grab a bottle of Opus One, as the high price tag may be too much this close to celebration time.  However, their second wine, Overture, is an outstanding second option that is far more within reach in terms of price.  Overture is a delicious wine and, to be honest, holds its own against its big brother, Opus One, quite well.

Tell us about the wines at your event

We love hearing from our readers, so be sure to stop in and tell us about the wines you had at your Fourth of July event.  Be sure to mention the label, vintner, and year of the wine, as your comment could spark a wine feature in the future!  In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


Jul 2, 2017