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Clark-Claudon Vineyards in Napa Valley

Our Journey

Napa Valley is known for the amazing wines produced by the many vineyards of the region.  Although the United States is still young in many areas, including wine, the many vintners that chose to move to here so many decades ago have ensured that our name would become well known across the world.

Clark-Claudon Vineyards is a great example of how wonderful the wines in this country can truly be.  They show exemplary promise in the world of wine making and we’re proud to feature them here in our blog and tell you about some of their amazing premium wines.  After all, it’s not only craft beer that we write about, but also the great wine industry that we’ve formed in the United States.

With a legacy that truly began in 1974, Tom Clark and Laurie Claudon began an amazing journey into the wine making industry that served to teach them, humble them, and encourage them daily.  In 1989, after a big push by close friends, they chose a property that was unproven, but promising and began to develop the property into what it is today.  Step-by-step they developed the land, nurtured the vines, and built a legacy that has lasted decades so far.

Clark-Claudon Vineyards in Napa ValleyNapa Valley vineyards like Clark-Claudon are about more than just the wine

Many vineyards in Napa Valley find great ways to give back to the world.  Whether they are encouraging green energy options or supporting a charitable foundation, it’s the vineyards like Clark-Claudon who make sure they give back to the world.  This lovely vineyard gives back by donating a great deal of the proceeds from the sale of a selected wine each year.  The proceeds go to a worthy charitable organization in the customer’s name, which is pretty outstanding, as they are including their customers in their drive to help the world.

This practice helps them to connect their love of wines with their desire to support outreach organizations across the world.  We find this practice to be a great example of their dedication to both avenues, as they take just as much, if not more care in their production of the wines that are chosen for these sales.  This means that they provide respectable aide to the organizations, as well as outstanding wines for their customers!

Napa Valley vineyards like Clark-Claudon really know how to struggle to excel!

With their vineyards double-planted in many areas, this vineyard has given their vines just enough reason to struggle, which has allowed them to develop amazing character.  Both the vines and the people creating the wines show true drive to excel, which has resulted in amazing premium wines, a great reputation for excellence, and a product that the vintners are proud of.

We look forward to trying more of their wines in the future and wish them many more decades of success.  From our family here in West Palm Beach, Florida to theirs in Napa, we send warm wishes and the hope that they continue to succeed in their dreams.


Mar 18, 2017