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Clown Shoes Triple Play

Our Journey

We haven’t mentioned those great brews at Clown Shoes Beer lately and thought we’d pop up a quick recap of three of their brews we’ve found to be absolutely outstanding examples of quality and creativity.  After all, it’s not just the amazing beer that these folks brew that catches our attention, but also the really great art on their labels.

For example, check out Hammer of the Beast at the left.  That label is awe-inspiring in itself and the brew inside is just as great!  We really feel their all-around creativity and dedication deserve another mention to remind folks that it’s not just the great craft beer we find that gain our respect, but the overall effort of each brewery to really put forth their own personal spirit into their craft beer.  That includes the brew, the artwork, the way they treat their patrons, and the many things they do, sometimes behind the scenes, to make their communities that much better.

Hammer of the Beast, great beer, great art, great times

When we had the opportunity to check out Hammer of the Beast, our first thought wasn’t about the amazing aroma drawing us to the glass.  Instead, we were drawn in by the really great artwork on the bottle!  Something about how Clown Shoes Beer has taken the time to create interesting artwork for their labels just catches our attention and makes us love their brews even more.  Sure, the artwork on the label isn’t going to ensure an amazing beer, but with these folks it pretty much does exactly that, because they put the same amount of dedication and consideration into every single part of the craft brewing process, from selecting ingredients, to creating label art.  The brew is just as great as the label, so make sure to check it out if you get a chance.

Whammy Bar #2 will be music to your taste buds

We featured Whammy Bar #2 quite a while ago, but felt it was time to mention it again, as it was really that outstanding.  The color, flavor, aroma, and finish were everything we could ask for in a great craft beer and we look forward to picking up some more of this outstanding brew.  We really suggest making a visit to the brewery itself, as the staff are pretty darn nice and knowledgeable, but in lieu of that, you absolutely must grab a pack of Whammy Bar #2, Hammer of the Beast, and Undead Party Crasher to try yourself and share with friends and family.  If you’re not into sharing, don’t mention to anyone that you’re picking it up, as you’ll have a crowd pounding on your door.  Yes, this stuff has become that popular.

Undead Party Crashers?!  Oh my!

Sometimes it’s ok to have Undead Party Crashers, but only in the case of Clown Shoes Beer.  This is a brew we were able to keep away from our resident Portaholic and we’re pretty sure that’s the only reason we had the chance to try it.  While she might love her porters, she has this unnerving talent for liking the brews we really want to try, and subsequently that leads to her sprinting away with those very brews and laughing.  Good for her, terrible for us, because she doesn’t share once she runs away with a brew.  However, this brew was all for us and we really enjoyed the aromas to start with.  The color was perfect, which caught our attention right after the label art.  Sorry guys, but their label art deserves dozens of mentions, it’s really that great.  After we got past the art and the scrumptious aroma, we were able to enjoy the many nuances of the flavor profile.  We were able to identify at least half a dozen different flavor hints in the profile.  We hope you’ll leave us a comment as to how many you noticed when you get a chance to try Undead Party Crasher for yourself.

Overall, Clown Shoes Beer is always a great hit with us and we expect that their offerings will be with you as well.  Remember to leave us a comment about your thoughts on their brews, or let us know about other great brews and breweries you’ve found during your own craft brewing journey.  We love to hear from our readers and your mentions just might become our next feature article in the blog!


Apr 11, 2017