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Collectible beers found on an adventure!

Our Journey

While most of us tend to find our craft beers the normal way, by visiting the brewery or taproom, or perhaps picking them up at a local market, it seems that on occasion you can get lucky and find them in the most unlikely places.  For example, after spending a morning just browsing a flea market, I managed to find three bottles that caught my eye.  Two still had their craft brews in them, while the third was empty (and rightly so).

So what did you find during your adventure?

Have you heard of Copper Dragon Brewing Company?  How about Pappy Kershenstine’s Beer?  Maybe Dixie Brewing Company?  If not, then you are in for a bit of learning.  We’ll be featuring Copper Dragon Brewing Company later on, but we have some very interesting finds with both Pappy’s and Dixie that you might enjoy.

These interesting brews had us wondering what other things we might find if we get to looking around.  The answers were pretty darn awesome, but we’ll let you wonder about those for now.  As for what we did find, check out these awesome and interesting brews!  Did you know that beer has been aged in Cypress wood barrels?  Ever wonder what they taste like?  Here’s your answer!

Pappy Kershenstine's Rattlesnake BeerPappy Kershenstine’s Rattlesnake Beer in a nutshell

If you’ve never heard of this beer, we’re really not surprised.  This is a retired brew from Cold Springs Brewing Company that you’ll likely never see on the shelves again.  The bottles are highly collectible and the brew was an American Adjunct Lager.  Don’t know what an American Adjunct Lager is?  Have you ever had a bottle of Budweiser?  Then you’ve had an American Adjunct Lager.

These brews are known for their mass-produced style.  Not big on the flavor, not much malt, and well… pretty average overall.  However, we found this to be an interesting find as it is a retired brew, not because it was an outstanding beer.  We were tempted to crack the bottle, but we’re pretty darn glad we didn’t.  We’ve tasted old Bud before and weren’t too keen on testing our luck.

Dixie Brewing CompanyDixie Brewing Company of New Orleans

The bottle of Dixie we found from Dixie Brewing Company has special interest due to more recent events (well, not THAT recent, but pretty close) in United States History.  Dixie Brewing Company was founded in 1907 in New Orleads, Louisiana.  This company had been in business for just short of a century when Hurricane Katrina wiped out New Orleans in one of the worst National Disasters in United States history.  The brewery was permanently closed due to the devastation and damage of the event, though the labels are still made by Paulaner HP USA under contract.

Finding a bottle of Dixie that is pre-Katrina is a lovely collectible find and was added to the collection immediately.  We took a moment to remember those lost in the disaster while carefully cleaning up this special bottle and we’re hoping you do as well.

We can’t wait to see what other great finds we come across in the future, as we really enjoyed our outing.  Check back randomly to see what we feature next, because we’ve got plenty planned out!


Mar 19, 2017