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Community awareness in the craft brewing industry

Our Journey

The craft brewing industry has provided us with a huge array of interesting craft beer to collect, taste, and share with our friends and family over the years.  However, that is not the greatest thing they have provided to our craft beer community.  Each individual old or new craft brewery has been taking steps to make their communities greener, cleaner places to live and play and that, to us, deserves as much, if not more praise than the many brews they create for us to enjoy.

Why are craft breweries doing this?

When it comes to community, our craft breweries here in the United States want to ensure that theirs have a better future to look forward to.  After all, without their communities, they certainly wouldn’t have very much reason to brew those delicious craft beers in the first place, right?  They want to be sure that each person, and their children, can be sure they are purchasing a product made by folks with high standards that go beyond the brew.

Several craft breweries are gaining serious notice for their efforts in this area.  Breweries like Boulevard Brewing Company have been mentioned several times for their efforts in the area of glass recycling, as they took the initiative and created their own recycling center.  The folks at Boulevard had noticed there was no recycling option in their community and that millions of pounds of glass were going to landfills every year rather than being turned back into bottles, windows, and more.  In response, they opened their own recycling center and now they use all of that glass to create the bottles used in their bottling facility, bringing the process full-circle through their efforts.

Can craft breweries really make that much of an impact?

Indeed they can!  Craft breweries have the resources available to make an impact in several areas of their community.  Their spent grains make great feed for local livestock, which in turn helps to lower the overhead for smaller, local farms who can then pass on that savings to their community.  This helps to provide local farmer’s markets with great local foods to enjoy and ensures that less processed grain is used to feed the livestock that, in the end, becomes the food on our table.

Although it may not seem like a craft brewing company could affect the world around them in such a large way, it really is possible.  For example, in areas where water usage is an issue, many craft breweries are researching and implementing ways to recycle their water and use it for other areas of their production process.  This practice helps to drastically reduce their water consumption, which in turn reduces the amount of ground water used in their area.

How can we help?

Everyone has a responsibility to their community.  By reducing the amount of water we use, we help to ensure our future generations will have plenty of water as well.  The same goes for energy consumption, as lowering the amount of energy we use in our homes helps to reduce the amount of natural resources we are using overall.  With less electrical usage, we are helping to slow the consumption of fossil fuels that are used to produce that electricity.

If you have a craft brewery in your area, pop in and see what they are doing to help make the community a cleaner place.  Perhaps they haven’t come up with ways to reduce energy usage yet, or you might have an idea to help them get involved in other areas of the community where these initiatives are already in place.  Every little bit of effort makes a big difference to the world we live in, making it important to get involved and take every step we can towards a cleaner, greener Earth.

Tell us what you know!

Leave us a comment about any of the breweries around you that are taking steps to make your community a better place.  We’d love to hear from you and your comment just might become our next feature post!  In the meantime, Happy Brewing from all of us here in West Palm Beach, Florida.


May 1, 2017