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Community hosted events are great!

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New craft breweries love to be involved in community hosted events, including allowing events to be hosted in their taprooms.  Many of these events promote support for local foundations and the community interaction and closeness is important to create a comfortable atmosphere.  The efforts don’t have to lie on the shoulders of just the craft breweries, the taproom managers, or the Foundations either.  You can get involved and work with others to create events that help the community and bring everyone together.

Here we’re going to discuss a few event ideas and how you can make them outstanding, whether you host them at a taproom or at the community park (with a permit of course).  Many community hosted events are easily arranged and gaining support is not as hard as it may sound.

Community hosted events do not take a lot of thought to create

Start out by looking at your community a bit closer.  Are there specific areas of the community that could use some help?  Perhaps there is a recreational center that would benefit from some fundraising or a school program that needs donations.  You can help to arrange a community hosted event that will benefit these areas of need.

A few great events to consider are:

  • brew and food pairings
  • wine and food pairings
  • bake sales (yes, cheesy, but they work!)
  • community donation sales
  • community donation raffles
  • business donation raffles
  • silent auctions

These are just a few of the ideas you could propose to your community.  Afterward, speak to the local Parks and Recreation department, craft brewery, or even an event center nearby about holding the event at their location!  This gives you the opportunity to look into further donations through these businesses too.Themed community hosted events open up room for creativity!~

Community hosted events are greatThemed community hosted events open up room for creativity!

Many craft breweries already feature food trucks on a rotational schedule, so consider this when planning your community hosted events.  Perhaps you could work your theme around the food truck that is going to be present that day!  By holding to a theme, you allow people to be creative.  In turn, that creative freedom tends to bring out the good in people and they may be more willing to help.

Although you make think holding community hosted events at a craft brewery is not the best idea, you would be missing out on a great group of people who LOVE creative ideas and good causes.  The craft brewing community, much like the winemaking community, are always looking for something great to stand behind.  Sometimes that is a new beer in the taproom, but on the day of your event, it could be the local school or any other program you are promoting!

Once you’ve decided on an event and gathered some support, start looking into locations to host the event and make sure to check with your local brewery.  This community is large and the people are great.  You’ll be sure to find some added support and possibly more ideas for your event that will truly make it a bubbling affair!



Jan 12, 2017