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Cool craft beer labels on great beer

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We wanted to take a step back from talking about all of the great beer on the market right now and focus on something we all notice, but often forget.  The labels on craft beer are getting cooler every year!  Remember not long ago we mentioned how art and the craft brewing industry really do go together?  Well here is a great example, right on the bottles of brew we love so much!  What better way to show our love for art than to have cool craft beer labels right?

Hop Juice has one of the cool craft beer labels we loveShow us those cool craft beer labels!

Take Hop Juice for example.  How cool is that frog?  Something about the design just makes you want to own a bottle for collecting, let alone trying the great beer inside.  We’re loving the tribal style to this artwork and we think you will too.  The guys down at Left Coast Brewing Company are well known for their innovation in the craft brewing industry and apparently they have awesome taste in label art too.  However, this is not the only label they have that feature great art.

It seems that awesome art and cool craft beer labels are becoming a popular item because the folks over at Clown Shoes are doing it too!  Check out their designs, especially those like the one on Hammer of the Beast.  Pretty darn cool right?  Not to mention that this brew is excellent!  We have mentioned Hammer of the Beast before, but never really mentioned how cool the art is.  Another great brew they offer that has an awesome label is A Fistful of Unidragon, one of their special run brews that deserves some serious attention.

Who else has cool craft beer labels on their brews?

There are a wide variety of brewing companies who have enlisted the talents of artists to create these amazing labels.  Clown Shoes, Left Coast Brewing Company, and even 21st Amendment Brewery are all doing it.  21st Amendment Brewery has labels like the ones on their cans of Sneak Attack, one tasty saison that is a seasonal brew.  That label is awesome and the beer is pretty darn great!

Hop Rising double IPA is certainly on the list of cool craft beer labelsAlso, check out the label to the left!  Can you say absolutely outstanding?!  Sure, it may seem a bit old-school or simple, but the concept and reference to the origins of the brew are pretty darn cool.  Squatters Craft Beers did a great job with the brew and the concept art and we’re more than happy to give them a shout for it!

We all really should thank a hops farmer someday for the great beer we’ve had the opportunity to taste because without them we wouldn’t have hops!  No hops, no beer, no great craft brews, no cool craft beer labels.  It would be a very sad and boring world guys.  High five a farmer tomorrow, they deserve it.

With so many amazing craft beers on the market today, we sometimes gloss over the labels and can printing.  The brews mentioned or pictured above really do remind us that we should take an extra moment to appreciate the hard work and creative effort our breweries are putting in.  Our hats are off to all of them for the great job they’ve done and we hope to see a lot more in the future!



Jan 17, 2017