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Private Reserve Cortadito Coffee Porter featured at Craft Cigar Pairing Dinner


Fans of craft beer LOVE coffee Porters and dark beers!  And the West Palm Brewery is supporting our love of great coffee and craft beer.  Today, we introduce our Private Reserve Cortadito Porter.  This is a limited production coffee porter made by the West Palm Brewery using it’s famous Palm Beach Porter as a base. It will be debuted at Havernia, the first ever cigar pairing dinner at the West Palm Brewery on 332 Evernia Street, today, Thursday, May 10th, 2018 at 6:00 pm.  Tickets are required and may have sold out by the time this is posted.

Coffee Porters a Hit at 332 Evernia Street

  • Over the past 5 months, we have had a number of craft beer lovers ask us for more coffee beers
  • You’ve asked for more coffee porter….. We hear you!
  • We have made very limited coffee beers including some porters and brown ales over the recent past.  They sell out quickly, but we know to make more.
  • Respecting the craft and artisan work of local, Florida coffee roasters, the West Palm Brewery has sought out premium and ultra premium coffee beans for our craft beer.
  • Recently, we worked with Jupiter, Florida’s Oceana Coffee to source beans for the Cortadito Porter.https://oceanacoffee.com/
  •  In fact, Rob Bodwell of Oceana Coffee will be on hand, tonight at Havernia, to explain to the crowd how he sources his coffee beans and roasts them right in his facility in Jupiter, Florida. (I am wearing my Oceana 3/4 sleeve baseball jersey as I write this !)
  • Oceana Coffee is a first class coffee roaster, which I have visited many times. Oceana offers an amazing variety of premium coffee beans, with a great mix of both hot and cold beverages. Alexis and I have Oceana beans at home, and in our French Press!  (Right now: Ocean’s dark roast from India).

Tasting Notes on West Palm Brewery’s Cortadito Coffee Porter

  • Here’s what we have to say about our coffee porter that we are tapping today:
  • Cortadito Porter: Palm Beach Porter infused with milk sugar for added body and sweetness, along with Oceana Coffee Roasters’ proprietary espresso blend to bolster the porter’s inherent robust coffee and dark chocolate tones.
  • So, tell us what you like in coffee porters and other dark beers by letting us know on our brewery’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wpbrewery/
  • Like other dark beers but are afraid to ask?  Don’t be!  Our brewery has amazing IPAs and ales, that’s true. But… we have wonderful dark beers which many guests enjoy. We have some delicious brown ales, including the “Unfashionable“, which has been very well received. Check out our chalk board at The Long Bar, right near our production facility in our tap room. 

We will continue to carefully source great coffee beans and use them to craft wonderful coffee porters, brown ales and others for your enjoyment.  And we will also increase production for you so we don’t run out so quickly.  Please remember that you can always take a 32 ounce crowler home, and, starting 6/4 (June 4th, 2018), you will be able to take home our craft beer made right here in a 64 ounce Growler. Finally, remember that there is plenty of shaded outdoor seating in front of the brewery and parking is free in the designated spaces (only) or, for a small charge, in the city-owned Evernia Street Parking Garage 30 feet away.


May 10, 2018