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Craft beer and cheese are a great combination

Our Journey

When it comes to pairing craft beer and cheese, there is nothing better than Dr. K’s Double IPA and our Fire Roasted Mac N’ Cheese.  Here at West Palm Beach Brewery, we take pride in the quality of the craft beer we produce in-house.  Chef Andrew, the head of our Intracoastal Kitchen, takes just as much pride in the delicious meals he creates!

Have you tried pairing craft beer and cheese?Craft beer and cheese is an interesting pairing

Although most people may not think of craft beer when it comes to pairing a drink with their cheese, we’re proud to see that many folks are letting their curiosity reign.  After all, that is one of the best parts of the craft brewing community.  Creativity and open-mindedness are a key to finding new combinations and our patrons have certainly shown those traits in spades!

Over at our Intracoastal Kitchen, you have the opportunity to not only check out some of the best food in the area but also to find great food pairings to enjoy!  Like our amazing Evernia Street Saison, which pairs up really well with our Wood Fired Asparagus.  The balance between the dish and the brew is great and we’re sure you’ll love it.

Craft beer is a great stand-alone, just as our dishes are!

If you’re not really up for pairing a brew with your meal, that’s fine, too!  We encourage trying out some pairings, but perhaps you’re not sure which to try.  You could always grab a flight and see which one suits your meal the best, or just enjoy your meal!  Either way, our goal is to ensure you leave happy and fulfilled.

If wine and cheese are more to your liking, we have that as well, so don’t hesitate to ask about our amazing wines!  We’re sure you’ll find at least one that you love, just as with our in-house craft beers.  No matter what your tastes, we want to see you smiling!  Until then, happy pairing!


Feb 2, 2018