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Craft beer and premium wine in West Palm Beach

Our Journey

While you may already know that the craft brewing industry is booming in Florida, you may not realize that it has made its appearance in West Palm Beach. For locals, this is already common knowledge. However, as a traveler, this is something you need and want to know if you love craft beer! For those that adore premium wine from the Napa Valley region of California, this is equally important, as there is a brewery located in West Palm Beach that provides both craft beer and premium wine from Napa Valley!

Craft beer and premium wine are both great with artisan food!Craft beer and premium wine go great with amazing artisan dishes

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery, we’ve brought together three of the greatest things you could imagine. Not only do we offer craft beer that is brewed right here, but also exclusive premium wines from Pankauski Wine Cellars and delicious artisan food created in our wood-fired brick oven! You can enjoy all three right here at the brewery by simply traveling from one end to the other. How great is that?

Stop in at the taproom to enjoy a refreshing Metermaid IPA, Palm Beach Porter, or several other delicious brews. Then step on over to The Intracoastal Kitchen, where Chef Andrew will be happy to create an artisan pizza with fresh pizza dough and mozzarella made right here. If you’re still searching for something to tantalize your taste buds after dinner, why not wander over to The Vault and try a glass of delightful premium wine from Napa Valley? There is a full selection for you to enjoy at every stop.

Stop in and see us in West Palm Beach

No matter what your preference, you’ll find something outstanding to enjoy here. We’d love to see you during your travels and look forward to you stopping by. Be sure to ask about a tour of the brewery and please, do not hesitate to ask staff for suggestions if you’re interested in pairing your meal with a delicious craft beer or glass of wine. Until we see you, safe travels!


Feb 8, 2018