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Craft Beer and Sustainable Resources : What’s This?

Our Journey

For several decades people have been trying to come up with sustainable resources in order to protect our non-renewable resources.  One awesome fact is that every craft brewery in the world has a way to help.  Several ways are available, though we’re only going to list a few of them here, as well as the benefits they provide.  So, let’s get to it, shall we?

sustainable resources are importantDonation or Sale of Spent Brewing Grains is one example of creating sustainable resources

When we think of the brewing process, we tend to forget about what happens to spent grains after they leave the fermentation tanks.  We never really consider where these grains go, or how they could be used to help provide a benefit to other areas.

By donating or selling the spent grains to local farms, we can provide natural and sustainable resources!  Some new craft breweries, like Dead Lizard Brewing Company, already do this.  Upcycling the grains is a handy way to use the grains that would otherwise be disposed of and forgotten.

Alternative Energy Use

Many companies have been turning to this method of powering their equipment, from Santa Barbara to Tokyo.  By turning to solar power, wind turbines, and even hydro turbines set in the ocean, we are helping to protect the resources we have by harnessing reusable energy sources and this helps to ensure a cleaner, healthier future for our communities.

It is our hope that this practice grows exponentially in the coming years, as we see the very real need that has grown over time.

Reclaimable Material Use

We’ve already seen a boom in this area, with tap rooms creating their bar tops from reclaimable wood.  In addition, many upcycled tables, bar stools, and even lighting can be found all over while we search for the perfect place to fill a growler.

This phenomenon began to take hold a few decades ago when people started to understand how quickly a landfill can overflow.  Instead of throwing away used chairs, tables, plywood, and even bed frames, they have started to upcycle them into outstanding items!

Recently I saw a “flower bed” that was created from a gorgeous antique bed frame.  The old four-poster had clearly seen its better days, but the lovely flower arrangement within the main frame and lattice attached to the top as a canopy was amazing!  This set up is perfect for growing climbing roses too, which should appeal to anyone wanting to do a bit of creative landscaping without the premium price tags.

Also, for those interested in upcycling those bottles of suds, consider creating glass art.  Another option is, of course, the old candle holder concept that has been used for many years.  These simple ideas can help to keep the landfills empty and give a unique look to any brewery tap room as well!

Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle!

If we all start thinking in terms of sustainable resources, the future of our communities and our children will certainly be brighter than it has in past years.  Our hope at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault is to leave as little carbon footprint as we can while helping to make our local community it a little bit better along the way.


Jan 13, 2017