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Craft beer and your community

Our Journey

Craft breweries have been popping up all over the United States at an amazing rate.  Every year we see more new craft breweries in the news and we think it’s awesome!  While, yes, there are those who would say “Boo!” to such events, we honestly cannot understand why.  Craft breweries all over the United States are working hard to change the way people view the industry as a whole.  If you’re not sure how, please read on to see the possible connections between craft beer and your community.

What are some of the connections between craft beer and your community?What are the connections between craft beer and your community?

Every community has some connection to craft beer.  It could be a historical connection that you’ve never heard about or a more recent one that you have.  Here in West Palm Beach, we know that craft beer has been in our state for centuries.  We have only to look at the history of Tampa Bay for confirmation of that fact.  However, it has also gained a more recent connection with our community.  Breweries such as the West Palm Beach Brewery have been sourcing local ingredients for their Intracoastal Kitchen, which has helped to bring a stronger connection to the community.

One of the things that were missing in our community was a craft brewery.  We’ve helped to fill that void, as well as bring some localized revenue to the area.  By sourcing as many ingredients, as we can locally, we’re making a conscious effort to improve the local economy, which results in improved community relations in the end.  Plus, we just really love making people smile!  Seeing our patrons try a new dish, outstanding glass of wine or flight of craft beer styles always makes us happy.

These same connections can be found in your community if there is a craft brewery.  Look at areas like Tampa Bay, West Palm Beach, and especially Kansas City, Missouri!  We actually hope to see the kind of community connections that Boulevard Brewing has achieved with their recycling initiatives!  Whether it’s locally sourced ingredients, projects to improve the region, or donating to a local Arts Program, breweries all over the United States have really stepped up to show that the craft brewing industry has a reason to shine.




Jan 19, 2018