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Craft beer art we love

Our Journey

New craft breweries are popping up all over the United States in waves and we’re loving every moment of it.  While the natural reason for this is the fact that we love craft beer and want to see what these new brewmasters come up with, there is another reason for our excitement every time a new brewery opens its doors.  Craft brewers have taken to creating some outstanding craft beer art we love!

Craft beer art is much like street artWhy is craft beer art so cool?

The amazing art coming out on craft beer labels is great because it shows how connected the craft beer industry really is to their communities.  This may not seem obvious at first, but once you start checking out the many projects craft breweries become involved in you’ll understand.  Craft breweries are strongly connected to the arts programs in many communities, which is great because the arts are so important to our future generations.

Without the arts programs in our schools and communities, we lose a large piece of our history, not to mention a very important creative outlet for future generations.  Where once the “street art” (formerly known as graffiti) was reviled, there are now amazing murals that cover entire building walls.  Where once we saw basic parks with simple playsets, we now have outstanding designs for kids to play on and learn from.  This may not seem directly connected to craft beer label art, but it is in its own way.  Without the many craft breweries supporting these programs, we might not have some of these outstanding examples of art in our communities.

Founders has some lovely craft beer artWho are some of the breweries with great craft beer art on their labels?

There are a large number of craft breweries that are turning towards amazing label art.  For example, Clown Shoes Beer labels always feature interesting, and sometimes outlandish, art that fits the names of their many brews.  Some good examples are Undead Party Crasher, Blaecorn Unidragon, and Evil Crawfish (retired).  It’s worth checking out all of their craft beer art because these folks really love to make interesting labels.  Each one is either amusing or simply amazing and we love all of them, though we’re a bit partial to Blaecorn Unidragon.

Founders Brewing Company is another great company known for lovely craft beer art, though it’s not quite as dramatic as that of Clown Shoes.  Art like that on their Porter, Mosaic Promise, and Backwoods Bastard are not only lovely but very classic in terms of art.  As we said, they’re not quite so “In your face” but are definitely great examples of craft beer art that deserves to be mentioned.

Finally, we come to Dogfish Head Brewing, whose art is a bit more sketchy but none-the-less worthy.  Beer for Breakfast, Festina Peche, and several others in their list of craft beer greatness have art that is curious and sometimes comical.  We loved the art on Beer for Breakfast, as the style seems really quirky and the sketch-style to it is interesting.  Overall they are on the way to a really great craft beer art profile and we can’t wait to see more from them.

Every time we find new craft beer art, we tend to want to collect the bottle.  Perhaps that is another great facet to this trend because repurposing the bottles into wall art, candle holders, vases, and more is just another great way to create a completely different kind of art.  Either way, we hope to see several more breweries take up this trend in the coming year and we’ll be sure to tell you about it when we find them!


Feb 17, 2017