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Craft beer, the Arts, and more!

Our Journey

The craft brewing industry sometimes catches a bit of negative press, mostly designed to draw folks back to big brewing. However, we’re really not sure what the folks behind these bits are thinking. The majority of old and new craft breweries are doing their best to be a positive part of their local communities. Whether through their efforts to provide services that are needed in the area, like Boulevard Brewing did when they opened up a glass recycling center that was desperately needed in their community, or the many efforts to reduce water usage, craft breweries have been leading the way for other local businesses in improving their communities.

Supporting the Arts, schools, and more

Sure, not every new craft brewery can afford to hire a dozen local artisans to create everything they need. However, once solvent, they often hire local artists to create their label art, artwork for their taprooms, and even banner art for their websites. In addition, they often decorate their taprooms with locally made or sourced furniture, décor, lighting, and more. Their view is often one that shows they want the community to thrive and to be proud of what each of their neighbors and friends are talented at doing. Whether it is an original painting hanging on the wall, or a finely crafted bar stool, these craft breweries showcase that work, giving the artisans an outlet for advertisement they may not have had otherwise.

When it comes to supporting the local Arts programs, music programs, sports programs, and more, these community-driven folks push hard to host and promote events that will directly aid the local schools, art institutions, etc. in order to ensure that the youth of now and of the future will have those programs available to them. In doing so they not only protect the learning of our future generations but the creative outlets as well. Without our arts programs, we truly do see a loss in our youth, which leads to them becoming involved in things that they really need not be involved in.

Recycling, Upcycling, and Food Trucks

Local food trucks love craft breweries because they are known to create contracts with these vendors for their taprooms. This allows us the chance to pair up interesting foods with our craft brews, which is something we absolutely love to do. Whether we’ve chosen a luscious milk stout or a hopped up IPA, when there’s a food truck about we simply must find the perfect pairing for the brew. This has led to food truck staff learning more about the brews, in order to better serve their own customers with suggestions for pairing. Quite an interesting and helpful evolution in our opinion.

On the recycling and upcycling fronts we have craft breweries that are really leading the way in their communities. These breweries are turning towards alternative energy solutions like solar panels, using recycling materials every chance they get for their bottles, finding innovative ways to recycle their water, and even getting involved in the green rooftops ventures in the area, which is great. They’ve also taken to upcycling, so don’t be surprised to see a barrel chair, or perhaps a keg table holding a lovely hand-painted lamp done by a local artist. These little things are what make craft breweries so very special, not to mention important to their communities. While one may choose to point out negative aspects, we prefer to see the myriad range of positive changes they bring, which truly do make their communities that much better.

What do you think of the craft breweries in your area?

Do you have a local craft brewery that is doing great things for and within the community? Tell us about it in the comments. Be sure to tell us the name of the brewery, as well as the location, and perhaps we’ll be featuring them in the near future! We love hearing from our readers and your comments are important to us. In the meantime, from all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


May 30, 2017