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Craft beer events are great!

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Craft beer events are a great way to get the word out about new brews, new labels, and new craft breweries.  It also shows appreciation for your patrons and offers them the chance to try a new brew with friends while enjoying a great event.  Many craft breweries across the United States are committing themselves to tasting events and have done so for several decades now.  Much like the bigger companies such as AB-Inbev, these breweries are learning that people love to come out for an event and try some great beer while enjoying activities set up for that event.

Why are craft beer events so popular?

When a new craft brewery opens up, they have to rely on a few different outlets to get the word out about their products.  These outlets include advertising, word-of-mouth, fellow brewers, and great events.  By setting up craft beer tasting events in their community, they are utilizing an amazing outlet that could spread the word about their brews all the way across the country.

Craft beer enthusiasts are a huge community and the word of these events can and will spread far and wide in the United States and even around the world.  We love to travel, and we love craft beer, so many in our community will make the trek to try out these new brews, or the effort to find shipping if necessary.  This is what makes our community so great, because we all work together to spread the word about amazing brews that we have found.

Craft beer events sound like just another tasting event; Is this true?

Not in the slightest.  Craft beer events range from simple tasting events to food pairing events and more.  With many craft breweries instituting trivia nights, yoga classes, charity events, and more, the opportunity to find some outstanding and lively events is pretty open.  For example, several breweries have taken to hosting food trucks that vary as much in culture as they do in design.  This gives us several opportunities to see how the breweries offerings pair up with some of our favorite foods.

Besides the events already mentioned, there are also some great music events and other community events that craft breweries support.  Whether it’s the local school in need of help with their Arts programs (which is a common theme in many communities due to funding cuts) or a local charity that supports a family in need, craft breweries all over the United States are stepping up and filling in wherever they are needed.  This has made many breweries the hub of events for their communities and we think that is great!

West Palm Beach has craft beer events too?

Of course they do!  There are craft breweries opening up all over the United States every year and later this Spring there will be one opening up in West Palm Beach.  The West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault will be opening up later this Spring and they can’t wait to open their doors to the community.  West Palm Beach is an exciting place to be this year, with several changes being made to the Warehouse District.  Several different businesses are working hard to renovate the location and get set up to open their doors, such as a brewery, a fresh produce location, and even a fitness center!  Not a bad mix wouldn’t you say?

We hope to see everyone out and about this year at the many craft beer events being hosted all over the United States.  We all love craft beer and the many brew masters across the country love to discuss their craft with enthusiasts all over.  Whether on a world-wide blog or in their own taproom, these professionals are spreading the word about craft beer in several great ways and we’re looking forward to the many exciting offerings coming up in 2017.  We hope to see you at a few of them!


Mar 11, 2017