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Craft beer flying off the shelves, literally!

Our Journey

You might laugh when we talk about craft beer flying, but we’re not joking!  Some very interesting news has been popping up and it seems that airlines are finally improving their offerings.  Craft beer is literally flying!  This is great news for the craft brewing industry, as it means that people all over the world have a chance to check out some outstanding craft beer during their travels!  Perhaps they’ll take the news home with them, spreading the word about different craft breweries and gaining even more notice for the industry itself.

Why is craft beer flying across countries so great?

The idea that craft brews from all over the world could be making their ways onto airlines is great.  This means that the many amazing craft beers across the world will be making their way to other areas for people to try.  Added publicity for the creativity that seems to flow out of the industry is always going to be a great thing.  There are craft beer aficionados all over the world who will gain a chance to taste new brews that they may have otherwise missed out on.

In addition, having this connection allows the industry to gain a foothold with other industries over time.  Every craft brewery wants to spread their message, and by pairing up with airlines, train lines, and more, the industry will be able to gain several more options for success.  For example, a contract with United Airlines would ensure several breweries success.  The same could be said for Amtrak and any other major line out there.  We need these connections to build an even larger base for the industry.

Will this push breweries to become commercialized?

While we want to say that no craft brewery would step into that commercialized space held by big name beer companies like AB-Inbev, we can’t make that promise.  Sure, there will be breweries enticed into becoming commercial giants, but the majority of the craft brewing industry are dedicated to quality and craft, not money and fame.  If they can gain a bit of fame without losing their uniqueness, then yes, they will do so, but not at the cost of their integrity.

If you don’t believe that a craft brewery can gain enormous popularity without become a commercial giant, just look at Funky Buddha!  Those folks are commanding prices upwards of $25 a bottle for their brews and they’ve yet to even whisper the word “commercialized” as they are highly dedicated to their craft and their community.  They are an outstanding example of what can happen when you excel in your craft and stick to your principles.

Overall, craft beer flying in the skies is a great start

This shift in quality in airline offerings is a great start for the craft brewing industry and we really do hope to see further advancements in the industry over time.  After all, we could use the exposure for our many delicious brews and this gives us the chance to gain exactly that.  It could also spark sales across the world, which is an outstanding improvement that we hope continues to grow further over the years.

With the great news that airlines are looking into brews that taste great at high altitude, we expect that craft breweries will be working hard to create brews that suit their needs.  If you happen across a craft brew in your journeys, let us know about it!  We’d love to know what airlines are offerings these great brews on their flights and hope to hear plenty in the coming months.



Mar 4, 2017