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Craft beer masters: Angel City Brewery

Our Journey

On our recent journey to California, we had the opportunity to visit one of the best craft breweries in Los Angeles.  Angel City Brewery is one heck of a place and the atmosphere in there was practically alive!  These craft beer masters have an amazing talent and their dedication to the craft is indicative of the quality of their beer to be sure.

Angel City truly are craft beer mastersSome of the best craft beer masters are right there in the wine state

While it might seem a bit odd that a state like California would be turning up with some awesome new craft breweries, the reasons are pretty simple.  California is wine country in the minds of most.  This means there are plenty of wine barrels just waiting to be used for aging amazing craft beer!  Yep, these two industries go hand-in-hand if you like to barrel age your brews, so California is a hot place to be for craft beer.  The fact that there are plenty of gorgeous girls around helps too, but that’s a subject for a different article (after we stop at the beach).

Why are they considered to be craft beer masters?

Good question.  The answer comes in the form of their amazing beer, and their taste in color schemes of course.  I mean, honestly, look at that tap head!  Talk about a bold statement!  Not to mention it made it fun to create that lovely feature image up top.  But, enough about those eye-catching, come here and have fun with me colors.  On to their brews!

Let’s start with the fact that these folks offer awesome flights.  We would never suggest trying just one of their brews because they have a great range of brews that taste outstanding.  Actually, we can’t really think of any that we didn’t personally like, so try them all!  They offer some great brews on tap and there are some that are available ONLY at their mustache bar.  This means a road trip is definitely in order so you can visit, take a tour, and try every one of their brews that are offered in one place.

These are the craft beer masters that brought us Angel City IPADo they offer bigger sales?

You’re darn right they do!  Several of their brews are available in keg sizes, too.  That’s pretty awesome, but we only suggest this option if you’re hosting something local, as it’s a bit awkward explaining to CHP if you have a keg seatbelted in the back.  Most of them have a sense of humor in general, but not THAT much of a sense of humor.  So plan on bringing some growlers, since those can be stowed in the trunk easily enough.

We suggest the Angel City IPA, Angel City Wit, and Marilyn.  We’d love to suggest Wee Heavy and 9.9 Problems, two of their brews with a higher ABV and amazing flavor blends, but those aren’t available in growlers right now.  Yes, we know, sad times indeed, as we wanted to bring some home with us too.  However, these brews may well hit growler status at some stage and, if they do, let us know!

Overall these folks offer some outstanding beer and have proven themselves, to us at least, to be craft beer masters in their own right.  We plan to make another trip in the future, as we really do hope they at least consider putting Wee Heavy into growler status soon.  Go check them out and if you’re headed to Florida later this year, check us out too!  We’ll be opening our doors here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault around April and we’d love to see you!






Feb 7, 2017