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Why is craft beer more popular than commercial brews?

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Beer is the third most popular choice for events and nearly 60% of the world’s population admit to truly enjoying the adventure of finding new brews to try. There are several reasons that people choose craft beer over other brews, including the unique taste and wide variety of options on the market. Add to that the myriad experiences that we’ve all encountered while checking out new craft brewery taprooms and you’ve got a winning ticket because craft beer has no match.

Why choose craft over commercial?

While commercially brewed beer is always an option, the craft brewing industry has provided the world with a phenomenal range of choices. The individuality and freedom that craft brews possess, quite honestly, blow commercial brews straight out of the water in terms of desirability. That is likely why some commercial brewers have been purchasing smaller craft breweries all over the world. Competition is a great thing, as it brings out the drive and creativity of each competitor. However, there is always a winner in every event and craft brewing has been destroying the competition for several years.

Commercial brews have one thing in common. They are commercial, and thus, produced on such a large scale that creative spins are not going to be found in any reasonable range. At an independent craft brewery, you are far more likely to find a great range of brews in small-batch quantity, which means you can take home several styles and variations to¬†enjoy. Sure, you could take home a couple different commercial brews, but you’re going to find they taste quite similar, erasing the fun that comes with picking up a variety of brews at a craft brewery.

Craft beer invites discussion, which makes the party a bit more interesting

When it comes to selecting a brew for your events, the option to go commercial IS there, but other than cost, it really doesn’t have as much potential as planning an event with a variety of craft brews holds. By choosing to offer a few different craft beer styles at your event, you are opening the door for discussion about the brews, which creates a comradery among event goers that simply cannot be topped.

With all of this in mind, it simply makes sense to pop over to your local craft brewery taproom with a few growlers and pick out a couple of great brews. Then grab a few bottles of each of their other brews that are available as well and you’re set for a great event. Don’t forget to plan out some interesting food as well, because if there is one thing people love as much as craft beer, it’s great food. Pair them up and you have an event that is bound to be a success.


Jul 9, 2017