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Craft beer popularity is on the rise and the breweries are booming in Florida

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Craft beers began to see a rise in popularity over the past decade and the reason is not what everyone believes it to be. Sure, we’ve all seen how Icky IPA and others have increased sales over time, but what really set off the craft beer resurgence is home brewing. As people around the world slowly found an interest in home-crafted brews, the customer base for home kits grew rapidly.

However, home kits are only going to provide enough beer for the purchaser and perhaps a friend or two. This posed an issue, as people’s taste for craft beers started to outgrow those home brew setups. Suddenly there was a need for something bigger. A need for a brewing company that could take those home-crafted brews and produce them in large quantity for the folks that had already discovered how great they are.

Enter the, now booming, breweries around the world. Or, more specifically, the 150 or so breweries throughout Florida! That’s right folks, you read it. Florida is currently home to over 150 breweries whose products range from your standard in-the-can brews you’ve enjoyed for years to micro brews that rival those of other countries.

One of those new craft breweries is West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, due to open in April of 2017. Following the footsteps of many others, something really sets this company apart from the rest. Their plans to offer a wide range of microbrews along with wine both by the bottle and the glass are outstanding and the proposed wine list looks delicious!

This brewery is offering promise before opening, as its plans seem to be dynamic and should serve to make them stand tall among their peers in the craft brewing industry. So far they have provided a proposed list of eight wines and hinted at a wide variety of beer to be available on tap! Not a bad plan for this brewery, whose front walk should be packed on their opening day.

Keep a close eye on this company for updated wine lists, brew lists, and plans for their future launch!


Dec 20, 2016