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Craft breweries and charity events; a perfect pairing for community action

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Craft breweries and Charity events do not sound, at first, like they go together right?  When most folks think of a brewery, they think of big, shiny fermentation tanks and delicious craft beer.  They think of long nights spent tasting great brews while shooting the bull with their friends.  They think of a great many things, but not events such as the Boys and Girls Club fundraisers or other events for charity organizations.

Craft breweries and charity events go together like beer and kegHow on earth do craft breweries and charity events pair well?

We realize that the concept sounds a bit off, however, these two make a great pair!  Why?  The craft beer industry is gaining ground rapidly in the United States.  With over 4,000 craft breweries open to date, there is a wealth of opportunity for charity organizations to gain some support!  After all, those breweries have an exponential number of enthusiasts that support them!  When you have such a large community of followers, you hold a great amount of power where support is concerned.

Craft breweries all over the United States have started hosting events like Book Club nights, Trivia Nights, and many charity events that support foundations like the Boys and Girls Club.  These events tend to turn out quite well, as the craft beer community is vast and they certainly don’t mind spending a few dollars to taste a great brew!  Mix such a strong community with some outstanding foundations and you have a recipe for success!  Now, add in a great brewery with a reasonably sized taproom and then park a food truck outside.  By the time you’re done, you have an event that could rival any bake sale out there and likely be more entertaining!

How do craft breweries and charity events work for the craft breweries too?

While the main purpose of these events is to support the chosen charity organization, the brewery gains some pretty good publicity as well.  If the brewery has a new beer they want to bring out, an event like this is the perfect time to do so!  Not only do they get to announce the new brew, but they will have a far higher turnout than for a standard event and the word will get out about the new beer much faster.

With so many great opportunities to help out the community while creating a bit of buzz about the brews they serve, it is no surprise that many new craft breweries are taking up the torch and hosting these events.  We hope to see many more of them in the future!  After all, what is better than trying some new beer and giving to a good cause at the same time?  We certainly can’t think of anything better than having both together.

Come out and see us later this year in West Palm Beach when we open our new craft brewery and start thinking about what events would help our community the most!





Jan 16, 2017