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Craft breweries, family games, and art

Our Journey

As the title states, craft breweries, games, and art are all connected.  At least they are in West Palm Beach, where many breweries are taking steps to set up events that promote the arts and family style games.  In addition to hosting great community events that bring together families and educate folks, they are also sourcing locations that are near or even within cultural arts districts.

craft breweries often host game nightsWhat do craft breweries have to do with family games?

Your local bar scene is unable to provide family game nights, trivia nights, or other events where your entire family can participate.  This is due to laws that prohibit minors from being present in the bars.  However, most craft breweries have taprooms that offer these events or similar ones.  While most typical bars are based inside, many craft breweries have chosen an open room style for their taprooms.  These taprooms often have food trucks scheduled as well, which means food is handy.  By situating their taprooms in open warehouse-style buildings, they are able to provide entry to a wider variety of patrons.

In addition, several breweries have taken their taprooms outside!  This opens up family game days for those with children, as the games can be played on the outer tables!  We think this is great because it promotes far more than just trying out a new beer.  It brings together families and entire communities.

craft breweries support cultural artsWhat do craft breweries have to do with art?

Art districts are typically thought to be located in the main cultural center of a city.  However, recently, these districts have been choosing locations in older warehouse districts, as there is a wealth of room in the old buildings.  This is perfect for craft breweries as well because those same older buildings are great for brewery operations!  It may sound odd to think of a beer community as an art-loving community, but it happens and by choosing locations within art districts, two worlds come together perfectly.

Why are craft breweries different from larger manufacturing companies?

The craft brewing industry is not quite the same as larger manufacturing types and they love their communities.  Many breweries even feature reading nights and art based events, as they are about education and learning.  Brewmasters often love to see their patrons enjoying themselves, coming together as a community and learning together.  While larger manufacturers are concerned with their bottom line, craft breweries are concerned with far more important factors.

Subjects like reading, education, art, green energy, sustainable farming practices, alternative energy resources, organic products, and more are the focus of these smaller breweries.  This is due to the very community-based nature from which they were born.  They realize that supporting their community is important because without their patrons they have no purpose.  Therefore, they do all they can to bring that community together and stay involved wherever possible.

Are there any events our local craft brewery could host?

Of course, there are!  Take some time to speak with the brewmaster and manager of the craft brewery in your area.  They will likely be happy to host an event that benefits the community they work in and as they say, you never know until you ask!


Jan 12, 2017