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Craft brewers love to innovate

Our Journey

It is no secret that the craft brewing industry is full of creative thinkers who love to innovate.  From the hops chosen to the blend of ingredients on to the aging process used for each batch of beer, there are a wealth of choices for brewmasters to make when creating a new craft beer for the public.  While some prefer to stick to the tried and true methods of old, many are stepping forward and putting a new twist on the craft beers they create.

Brewmasters love to innovateSpicing up a craft beer is part of how craft breweries love to innovate

Many brewers are taking hold of some very old concepts that died out over time.  While many of you may believe that fruit, spices, chocolate, and cream are super new, super hot ideas that just came out, these practices have been tried over and again throughout the centuries.  However, with newer technologies to play with, craft breweries around the globe are finding new and creative ways to make their beer really pop.

A huge range of different flavors and aging are popping up all over, including those lovely rum and bourbon barrel aged brews we’ve come to enjoy so much.  Without innovative practices, brewmasters would still be drumming out the same IPAs, Stouts, and Pilsners that we’ve expected over so many decades.  Instead, we have amazing brews like Asylum, Backwoods Bastard, Hop Juice, Imperial Pumpkin Ale (what a spin on IPA right?) and more to look forward to when visiting our favorite taprooms.

If craft breweries didn't love to innovate we wouldn't have so many amazing craft beersWe’re glad that brewmasters love to innovate

A brewmaster’s need to innovate and add a bit of “spice” to their brews is what draws us to our local taprooms, growlers in hand, hoping to see what new idea they’ve come up with.  As we mentioned, there are a variety of great craft beers that have been born of the creative minds in charge, and we expect to see more born of these minds in the future.  The craft brewing industry is growing every year and with over 4,000 craft breweries in the United States alone, we can expect more great beer like 60 Minute IPA, 120 Minute IPA, Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout, and Founder’s Porter.

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, we love to see new brews come out.  While we work hard to step towards our opening in April in West Palm Beach, we have been trying out some of the great beer that is being made all over the country.  Without so much innovation in the industry, we’d never have the chance to do this.  Sure, we might move forward a little faster (actually we couldn’t, we’re at top speed!) but imagine all of the great brews we’d miss out on!  The large amount of creativity and individuality in the craft brewing industry is part of what makes us want to be a part of that world.

We can’t wait to see what new brews come out this year and talk about the outstanding flavors they inherit throughout the brewing process.  Plus, the artwork on craft beer labels is getting more interesting every day!  Art and craft beer are closely aligned, which makes sense to us given the creativity involved in both.  We hope you get a chance to check out some of the great new craft beer in your area soon.



Jan 31, 2017