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Craft brewers support exercise!

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When you think of a craft brewery, do you think of exercise?  Perhaps not, but you really should!  There are several events showing how much craft brewers support exercise and the overall health of their communities!  Events such as yoga, lessons on proper stretching, meditation, and even support for charity walks and runs!

Why do craft brewers support exercise?

While the general belief may be that craft brewers are only worried about the brews they create, this belief is baseless.  Without a healthy community, you have no one to create great craft beer for.  This is a simple fact.  After all, if your community isn’t healthy enough to come visit you, there is no point in having a local craft brewery right?  With this in mind, many craft breweries offer health-based events in their taprooms that promote healthier living.

Events such as yoga help to not only promote a healthy body, but also a more calm and healthy mind.  It’s also a great way to detox after a weekend of checking out the new craft brews available at the taproom!  Pair this event with a food truck offering some healthy foods and you have a winning combination.  Not to mention you get to have the pleasure of knowing you helped to make the community a bit healthier!

What other events show that craft brewers support exercise?

Have you participated in a walk or run that supported a charity?  Many craft breweries are picking up the standard for these events and running with it.  Not only are they supporting great charities, they are promoting exercise and health in the process.  We see this as a winning combination that simply cannot be put down.  Check in with your local craft brewery and see what events they’ll be sponsoring this year and consider signing up for a few.

If you can’t think of any events like the ones we’ve mentioned, here are a few that are great to promote.  If your local brewery is not already supporting these events, maybe you could mention it to them and get them involved!

  • Walk for the Cure
    • This event is often connected to various Cancer Awareness groups and makes a great cause to get behind.
  • Yoga Detox Day
    • Nothing helps to calm your mind and body like a good Yoga Detox Day.  Plus there is the added benefit of Yoga pants.
  • Stretching for Health
    • People forget how important proper stretching can be for your well-being.  A day supporting the teaching of proper stretching techniques could lead to more creative ideas.
  • Walk/Run for the Arts
    • Supporting arts programs in local schools is always important.  Mix this with exercise and you’re winning!
  • Follow the Food Truck
    • We’ve yet to see this idea implemented anywhere but thought of it while brainstorming future events ideas.  Follow the Food Truck through the community and land at the taproom for some great beer and food!
  • Community Treasure Hunt
    • A community treasure hunt is not hard to arrange.  Set up the event with local shops and have everyone land at the taproom.  One important rule, you have to walk!  No cars guys.  Walk and hunt down the treasure that leads to a great brew!

As you can see, there are a variety of ideas that can be implemented and many craft brewers are already doing this!  We’d love to see these events become more popular in every community for the sake of the health of our patrons.  If your local brewery isn’t already sponsoring these events, suggest them!

We hope you all get out and take a walk, a run, or a bike ride.  Exercise is important to our health and without that we have no community.  Get together with your friends and see what your local craft brewers have set up, or suggest some ideas to them and start something new!  Either way, we hope to see all of you healthier and happier this year.


Feb 12, 2017