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Is craft brewing a dying fad?

Our Journey

It seems that there are those in the craft brewing industry who are under the impression that craft brewing is declining and that the market will be failing soon. Goose Island founder, John Hall, recently stated that he disagrees with this belief in an interview with Business Insider. He states that the craft brewing industry is in no way facing trouble and that each brewer simply has choices to make going forward. They can either choose to partner with big brewers like AB-Inbev, or they can remain small.

Others in the industry, such as Jim Koch from Boston Beer, believe the industry is failing and that it is officially the last call for the craft brewers.  We, however, believe that Boston Beer, Goose Island, and the over 5,000 other old and new craft breweries in the United States will be around for quite a long time.

Why do you say that?

Craft brewing is not a new concept. This is something that has been in existence for centuries and it is a simple fact that people love craft beer. Whether it is an IPA, stout, porter, or gose, people love to try new brews and find their favorites. It is a social practice that goes beyond the bottle, straight to the hearts and minds of those who visit the taprooms, which is why these companies are able to stay solvent so easily.

Craft breweries give communities a somewhat more interesting place to meet and share stories, ideas, and hopes. Check out your local taproom and you’re likely to find a variety of folks there who agree. The breweries also provide support to their local communities at a time when every little bit of support is needed and appreciated. With so many programs being closed down due to costs, the charity support that many craft brewers offer is essential to their community’s continued success.

In addition, the craft brewing industry has provided a great drive towards green energy, sustainable farming, and locally supported products such as meat, produce, and more. Breweries are moving further towards locally sourced ingredients every year, which simply entrenches them even deeper into their communities and ensures their success, as well as the success of those around them.

Craft brewing is here to stay

Much like bake sales, yard sales, and flea markets, craft brewing is certainly not going anywhere. As John Hall stated, some breweries will succeed and some with fade away, but there will always be new craft breweries ready to open up and fill the demand of those that love craft beer. What started out as a little-noticed industry that was relegated to the bottom shelf at supermarkets has grown into an industry that commands respect and gives back to the public.

To say that such a solidly growing industry is dying is a stretch and we’re happy to say that we’ll be joining the ranks of thousands of United States breweries later this year ourselves here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault. We hope to see all of our readers there and until then, happy tasting!


May 17, 2017