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Craft brewing is Engrained in the Midwest

Our Journey

At Engrained Brewing in Springfield, Illinois, they take their craft seriously… most of the time. With a host of great brews available on tap, as well as a kitchen serving up delicious food, it is hard to pass them up when you’re traveling through, though you may have trouble finding out about them! Somehow this lovely little brewing company has gone mostly unnoticed, which is likely due to their location. Although locals certainly know who they are, there isn’t a lot of press out there about these great people and we want to change that for the better.

Why is Engrained so great?

One big thing that makes this small craft brewery so noteworthy is their dedication to locally sourced ingredients. However, this value does not simply apply to their brews! Their kitchen is serving up farm-to-table food every day, which means there are local farmers and gardeners in their community whose produce and meats are heading to the tables all of the time. We think this is great, because it shows their dedication to their community, something every craft brewery should aspire to.

Reviews on this brewery are not easily found. There are only a few available through the usual internet search, which meant we had to get in there and find out for ourselves exactly what they are all about. You know what that means. It was time for a road trip. Springfield is not especially hard to navigate, so finding them at 1120 W. Lincolnshire Blvd. was a snap. Ok, it was a snap if you are used to driving in a bustling city. We admit, not everyone appreciates city traffic, so your view may vary, but simply put, they’re not hard to find if you have the address.

Upon arrival, we sat down and checked out the menu, because to be honest, we were hungry! It’s a good thing we were, because the offerings on their menu are certainly filling! With locally sourced beef, pork, eggs, and even cheese curds (an acquired taste, but pretty great). In addition, all of their produce and dry goods are locally sourced either from the farmers or from markets that focus on locally sourced goods. To be honest, their dedication to local sources is quite outstanding and you can check out their supplier list for more information.

What about their brews?

We’ve compiled a quick list of the brews we tried during our visit and we hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Not only do they offer some “classics”, but they have in-house creations as well, dreamed up by their own staff, who are quite knowledgeable and really know how to have some fun. Check out the list below and then pay them a visit yourself, because you’ll certainly be glad that you did.

Blackberry IPA – This brew is a delicious cross that they created by blending their Blackberry Lager with their classic IPA. The end result is a truly refreshing brew that has a seriously amazing flavor profile and the aromas are never-ending. The brew makes your mouth water and the finish is perfectly done. Pair it up with a great steak from their menu and enjoy the flavor sensations.

IPA – Their classic IPA had to be tried, as we wanted to see what they using to create their house blends. The brew is great, created with Cascade and Columbus hops, which give it a super citrus profile that explains the refreshing and clean flavors we’d noted in their blends. Their brewmaster certainly knows what they’re doing and we expect more great brews from them for years to come!

Oatmeal Stout – Their oatmeal stout is everything we expect from this brewing style. Plenty of roasted malt hints, as well as a smooth mouthfeel that leads to a deliciously smooth finish that had us smiling for miles. These guys really know what they’re doing and have mastered a range of brews for your tasting pleasure.

Try the brews and tell us what you thought!

We love to hear from our readers and get insight into what all of you think of the brews that are out there. Leave us a comment about the brews you try during your visit and that comment just might spark our next feature post! In the meantime, from all of us here in South Florida at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


May 30, 2017