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Craft brewing excellence: Cigar City Brewing

Our Journey

Cigar City Brewing is well known for their craft brewing excellence, but we figured it was worth the time to give them another shout.  After all, they’re constantly working to churn out the amazing and delicious craft beers we’ve come to love so much and that dedication deserves a lot of praise.  After a turbulent history for Florida brewing as a whole, these guys are one of the greatest additions to the craft brewing industry and really have upheld the quality practices of old.

Craft brewing excellence starts with a great ideaCraft brewing excellence starts out with great ideas

The brewmasters at Cigar City Brewing are no slouches where ideas are concerned.  Considering the amazing history of brewing in Tampa, this is not a surprise to us.  After all, the industry began a couple hundred years ago there and it has had but a few hiccups since then, mostly during the decline in the 1960’s.  Cigar City Brewing has certainly taken up the torch and kept it burning.  Every brew they turn out seems to have their dedication to the craft infused into it and we’re happy to give a thumbs up to each new craft beer they produce.

As for the brews themselves, we love their variety and the flavor they possess is pretty darn fantastic.  With brews like Cubano Espresso, infused with coffee, vanilla, and cacao, we’re not surprised to see people walking in with a growler to fill for home.  Jai Alai is another amazing brew by these folks and is also available as a growler fill.  Are you noticing a pattern here?  Yep, we’re saying you really should bring a growler or two with you when you visit the taproom!  There are some brews that are not available for growler fills, but the list of those that are is extensive and well worth the small cost of a fill.

The craft brewing excellence at Cigar City is a great reason to bring a growlerTheir craft brewing excellence gives you a great reason to fill it up

As we said, bringing a growler or two is almost essential.  The craft brewing excellence these folks show deserves an extra sip or two at home and those growlers will become your favorite part of the trip.  Whether you’re filling your growler with the aforementioned Cubano Espresso, Jai Alai, or one of the other great brews, you’ll certainly appreciate the fact that you did when you get home.

With such a huge variety, it’s no surprise that they offer such a great variety of fills too!  Are you a lager lover?  Then check out Cultivate Lager or just Lager.  One is a Mexico-style lager and the other is a Tampa classic.  Rather take home some pale ale?  Then you have Jai Alai or Invasion.  Perhaps you’re into Imperial Stouts instead.  Check out their Nitro label Chocolate Crust Good Gourd while you’re in the taproom.  This Imperial pumpkin ale isn’t available in growler fills, but we loved it and hope they’ll add it to the growler list soon.

Check out Cigar City soon

If you’re making a trip to or through Florida anytime soon, you need to stop in and see these guys.  The stop will be worth it, as you can learn a lot about the craft brewing industry from them, and those growler fills will certainly be the icing on the brewcake.  We visit every chance we get and we’ll likely be featuring more of their great craft beer in the future.


Jan 29, 2017