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Crafting a positive future

Our Journey

When we think about the craft brewing industry, we think of the many amazing effects it can have on communities.  When a new craft brewery opens in a community, it adds jobs, which in turn help the local economy.  In addition, many craft breweries are now trying their best to source their ingredients locally.  While this is not always possible, it certainly helps!  However, these are not the only things that help craft breweries in crafting a positive future for their communities.

Crafting a positive future starts with the sharing of ideasCrafting a positive future requires thought and effort

Every craft brewery has hopes of becoming a “gem” within their community.  They wish to be the place where the community comes together to talk about fundraisers, enjoy some amazing brews, and simply kick back and enjoy a moment of peace.  When this goal is achieved, the brewery is proud.  However, it’s not their own efforts that they applaud, but the effort of their community.  Although the breweries have put forth the effort to create a place where everyone can gather to have fun, the end goal is a positive forward movement for the community as a whole.

Many craft breweries achieve this by bringing in food trucks, opening their own dining areas, and creating interesting and fun events for the community to enjoy.  From there, the community has the ball in their court and the results can be amazing.  For example, Boulevard Brewing Company in Kansas City, Missouri found out from their community that recycling was an issue in the area.  Upon discovering there was no recycling center within a reasonable distance, they built one!

The image of craft breweries is changing for the better every year

It’s changes like these that really show how craft breweries are crafting a positive future for their communities.  From recycling centers to improved funding for school programs, the possibilities are endless.  Yet many people don’t think of these things when they here that a new craft brewery is opening.  Instead, they often think of live bands, more beer varieties, and a place to hang out.  We’re really happy to see this basic image growing to include the possible improvements that the brewery may bring about.

We encourage you to check out the craft breweries in your area and see what they are doing to build a brighter future for your communities.  If you happen to have an idea, don’t hesitate to mention it.  After all, there is no harm in bringing forth new ideas and it is the job of all of us to step towards a stronger community.  Here in West Palm Beach we love talking to our patrons.  Whether it is a request for a brewery tour, a suggestion about a new brew, or an idea for an event, we welcome the input!  We hope to see all of you taking a moment to visit your local craft breweries and checking out the community vibe that lives there!



Jan 24, 2018