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Crafting Success in West Palm Beach

Our Journey

Crafting success in West Palm Beach is not impossible when you have a great staff.  Thanks to the wonderful folks under our roof, we’ve seen an amazing start here at the West Palm Beach Brewery.  From our Chief Brewer, Joel Kodner, to our delightful Tasting Room Manager, Danielle Cesario, everyone has really put in the effort to make this place great.

Crafting success in West Palm BeachA rocky start deserves some serious crafting success

No one can deny that we had a rough road to travel when we started on this journey.  From delayed permits to hurricanes that seemed to never end, the beginning was a trial.  However, just a short time after opening our doors we’ve found our place in the great community of West Palm Beach.  We could not possibly be more proud of all of our staff, nor more thankful to those who patiently held on for us.

It seems like just yesterday we were sitting down and discussing the idea of opening a brewery in West Palm Beach.  From planning out the tanks to talking about the taproom, there was a lot to take care of.  The decision to bring in a wood-fired brick oven was one that was not taken lightly, especially given the sudden onslaught of hurricanes this past season!

Great starts are always a bonus in the craft brewing industry

While we had, naturally, had high hopes for a good start upon opening, we never would have guessed it would be this great.  From the community to those who’ve stopped in while traveling, everyone has shown a really supportive spirit and we’ve received great feedback on our wares!  We hope to continue this trend well into the future and it’s really wonderful knowing we have such a strong start going!

We hope to see all of you throughout the years to come and can’t wait for you to stop in.  Be sure to check out The Intracoastal Kitchen and see what Chef Andrew is cooking up!  The food is delicious, the beer is mouth-watering, and the wines in The Vault are certainly worth notice as well!  Cheers!


Jan 18, 2018