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Crafting the future

Our Journey

When it comes to the future of our communities and our Earth, craft brewing companies are making great strides towards offering a cleaner, greener environment for us to enjoy.  They are truly crafting the future, right alongside many vineyards and other outstanding producers who believe our future is just as, if not more than, important than the products they create for us.

What exactly is crafting the future?

Crafting the future is the term we have coined for those craft breweries who are taking extra steps to ensure they are helping to provide a better future for their communities.  They do this by hosting charity events and other helpful events for the community, providing events that inspire others to achieve more for the future and supporting arts programs that ensure our children won’t lose those programs due to lack of funding.

In addition to these great steps they are taking, they’ve also managed to find better ways to handle any “waste” created by their breweries.  Whether they are providing spent grains to local farms for free range livestock feed or finding new ways to recycle the wastewater created during production, these breweries are setting an example for their communities and truly “crafting the future” of each community in turn.

Crafting the future involves the arts?

Indeed it does.  One of the biggest problems schools are facing is the loss of their arts programs due to lack of funding.  While yes, many schools also need help where their classroom materials are concerned, losing the arts programs creates an even larger problem overall.  By losing the arts programs, they are losing an important creative outlet for students.  These programs promote creative thinking within students, which leads to greater problem-solving skills.  Without these skills, the students can suffer later on where they would have never had a problem without the loss of the programs.

Another issue with losing the arts programs is the loss of jobs.  Teachers are left without work when these programs are closed down.  Fewer jobs is not the goal of any community, quite the opposite.  Even one job lost is a sad moment, as that means the community is not moving forward, but backward instead.

How can we get involved in crafting the future?

Becoming involved is easy.  Just head over to your local craft brewery and see what events they have set up.  If there aren’t any, suggest some!  The craft brewing industry is growing every year and there is a wealth of opportunity out there for each brewery to help their community in a wide variety of ways.  Whether they’re hosting a charity event, a health-based event (yoga anyone?), or just helping to get news out about upcoming community events, they can be a huge resource!

Don’t forget that many craft breweries sponsor food trucks, which in turn help to support the community as well.  There are plenty of ideas you can help to create and promote.  Get together with your local brewmasters and see what kind of changes you can make together to help craft the future for your community!


Feb 16, 2017