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Crazy Mountain Brewing

Our Journey

When it comes to interesting places to visit among the many older and new craft breweries throughout the United States, Crazy Mountain Brewing has to be one of the best.  We recently tried some of their brews and we all decided it was time to pay them a visit and see what their operation was like.  We were really impressed with their knowledgeable staff, great attitudes, and inquisitive natures that fuel creative minds throughout the entire production facility.

If it weren’t for the fact that Colorado is also one of the most beautiful states in the country, this brewery would be one of the best reasons to visit the state.  Our tour was followed by the absolute drive to go taste some more of their outstanding craft beer at the taproom.  We’re certainly glad we did because it gave us the chance to talk to more of the staff about their great brews and check out the creative brews themselves.

HookieBobb IPA from Crazy Mountain BrewingCrazy art is just another part of the great view

One of the things we really like to see at new breweries we visit is outstanding artwork on their labels.  Crazy Mountain offers this in spades, with plenty of artistic labels throughout their many brews.  Of course, the view from their taprooms isn’t too shabby either, with the beautiful mountains showing off their inspiring peaks year-round.

In Denver, Colorado, Crazy Mountain is located in the Sante Fe Arts District, which seems quite appropriate, given their penchant for putting some really nice art on their brews.  They seem right at home in the cozy district and made us feel very welcome the entire time we were there.

Crazy times and great people

The resounding view at Crazy Mountain is life should be lived every day.  While this might sound a bit odd to some folks, it simply means that if you’re not trying something new or doing what you love, you aren’t living.  We have to agree, as we try to do that every day here in West Palm Beach, where we enjoy every moment of our lives and work hard to reach our own goals.  Doing what we love is our belief, too, which is why we’re driving towards our opening here in south Florida that will happen later this year.

We tip our hats to the folks at Crazy Mountain and wish them many decades of success.  We hope to see dozens more of their brews throughout the United States in the future, as they already serve 22 states and 9 countries and we’d love to see them raise the bar even higher.

Tell us what you think!

Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of Crazy Mountain Brewing’s outstanding craft beer, or if you’ve visited either of their locations in Colorado.  We love to hear from our readers and your comment just might spark our next feature post!  Until then, Happy Brewing!


Apr 28, 2017