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Dandelion beers of the brewing world

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I’m sure you’re wondering what on earth I mean when I say “dandelion beers”. I am referring to that absolutely bright and cheerful color found in a few of the really great craft beer styles available on the market. These types of brews have a color when poured that simply cheers you up just looking at the brew in the glass, let alone drinking it. Something about a craft beer that can manage to improve your mood while just sitting there and evolving in the glass is truly exceptional.

What types of beer feature this color?

There are a few different brew styles that I’ve found with this luscious and happy color when poured. Below is a list of the styles, as well as some basic information on each one. I’m sure at least one or two will suit your tastes and raise your spirits, as they’ve done for others who tried them.

  • Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale – If you really love pale ales, but get tired of sessionable styles, then you really need to check out some of these brews. Ranging towards the high end of the ABV spectrum and often reaching a whopping 11%, they are for those folks who want a nice yellow color, classic medium range bitterness, and single bottle ABV. Most brews of this style have a lovely mix of fruity notes throughout and the ABV is well-hidden within the brews.
  • Belgian-style Pale Ale – If you love pale ales, this is a style you are likely to want on your “must have it” list of brewing types. Ranging from golden to pale copper in color with a fairly low ABV, they are highly sessionable and just border on medium bitterness, making them great for pairing with fish and some creamy meals. With a crisp taste and finish, these brews are quite the choice for a summer evening party on the beach.
  • Belgian-style Witbier – Brews in this style, of course, have a nice yellow color that rarely shows in a darker appearance, if ever. The use of unmalted wheat and sometimes oats or barley pairs up very well with the common infusions of coriander or orange peel. Many Belgian-style brews feature orange peel as an ingredient and they pair really well with a variety of meals, making them a great choice for your weekend get-togethers.
  • German-style Hefeweizen – This brew style features a luscious color that really pops in comparison to the stark white head that accompanies it on the pour. Ranging from that lovely yellow color to a pale amber, these brews also hold very low bitterness and an ABV that holds within the sessionable range, which makes them perfect for those long and hot summer days. With a heavy malted wheat balance, they are truly the “bread” for your day.

I’m sure you’ve noticed a bit of a trend in these brewing styles. For example, they all seem to be based in Belgium or Germany. It seems that these folks loved to create brews that had this beautiful color feature, be it by accident or design. This does seem to explain the vitality and happy visage of those Pauly Girls we see in pictures doesn’t it? No matter the reason behind their creation of brews with a cheerful hue, we certainly thank them for the great flavors that they have allowed us to try over the years.

Tell us about some bright and cheerful brews you’ve found!

We’d love to hear about the many dandelion brews you’ve found in your journeys. Leave us a comment and perhaps your notes will be the spark for our next feature post! Also, don’t forget to pay us a visit later this year, as we’ll be opening our own doors to the public as soon as our construction is complete and the taproom and grotto are ready. Until then, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting and safe journey!


May 18, 2017