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Dark beers that really taste great

Our Journey

In the craft brewing industry, there are several different brews to try and brewmasters love to create new dark beers.  Dark beers are often left on the rail when people think about great brewery products and we’d like to help change that.

Therefore, today we will focus on the dark beers that have been gaining some notice.  Keep reading, as we’re going to give you a breakdown of 5 dark beers that we think you might fall in love with.

Dark beers can be found right at home

Dark beer, Sapporo BlackWe’ll start with Sapporo Black, as it happens to be right in front of me.  This brew is delicious!  Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this brew, other than the usual dark beer flavor and aftertaste.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that this dark beer has a good bite that blends really well with its intriguing flavor!

This delicious brew was created by Sapporo Premium Beer, a company that is known for creating amazing dark brews.  They have several other beers on the market and we suggest trying them when you get a chance.

Beamish Irish Stout is next on the list, and likely a label you’ve never heard of.  The flavor of this amazing Irish brew has coffee and chocolate undertones that are pleasant to taste and the color is very dark.  If you’re wondering where they came up with this outstanding brew, just check out their home page.  Their history shows great dedication and they have put it in print, which is available through their website.

Dark beers can be found in many countries

Next, we have Old Rasputin, brewed by North Coast Brewing Company.  This outstanding Russian Imperial Stout is a great choice for those who are just starting to try dark beers.  The warm finish of the brew is sure to make you want more!  This beer has been winning awards and the brew itself has existed since the time of Catherine the Great!  For a brew to last that long and still be gaining popularity in every corner of the world, that is an achievement!

Vander Ghinste Oud BruinDark beers are great!, or “triple brew”, is made in West Flanders and this amazing dark beer won four total awards in 2015!  In addition, the ratings given by beer aficionados around the world are great, scoring it at a minimum of 15 out of 20 stars!  The finish on this brew is, of course, dark malt, but the caramel undertones keep it going from the first sip to last.  This award winning brew is sure to make you love dark beers!

Finally, we come to Saltwater Brewery’s Mayday.  This brew is amazing.  The depth of flavor in this brew caught our attention and we were tempted to sip the beer all day long.  It was a creamy journey of sweetness and we were certainly not left wanting.  This Imperial Chocolate Cream Porter is worth the trip to Saltwater Brewery.  We expect to see great things out of them in the future, because these folks have innovation figured out!

Try each of the dark brews in our list and visit us in April when we open our doors to the public in West Palm Beach!


Jan 11, 2017