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Dead Lizard Brewing Company Has Upcoming Events!

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We love to give credit where it is due and today we’re shouting some credit to our competitors in Orlando, Dead Lizard Brewing Company!  Located in Orlando, Florida, this little brewing company is proving their worth with the locals and have plenty of upcoming events on their calendar!

We’re always happy to feature outstanding craft breweries in the area that have an open tap room and this is certainly a great time to promote these guys.  They’re not only providing great brews to the community, but it seems they’re getting even more involved by branching out to help local farms.

Whether they’re creating a new micro brew or looking into sustainable farming practices, these guys really care about their local area, which is great.  The fact that their brews are delicious is just an added bonus to their community work!

Check out their Food Truck events throughout the year, where they feature a different food truck out front and provide suggestions on the right beer for your meal.  Great food, awesome beer, what more could you ask for?  Well, maybe you could think of a few things, but those two hold up pretty well on their own.

In addition to their great Food Truck events, they offer to host private events as well, which is pretty cool in our book.  What better way to bring local beer enthusiasts together than to let them host events right?  After all, that is what all of the best craft breweries in Florida aim for!

Dead Lizard is doing it in style and is certainly a hot spot to be in Orlando.  It’s definitely worth the drive to check them out and try some of their great beer!



Dec 21, 2016