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Del Dotto Vineyards: Creating memorable wines

Our Journey

Del Dotto Vineyards recently celebrated their 20th Anniversary in the winemaking industry and we hope they plan to stick around for several decades to come. With a range of wines that are well-worth collecting, as well as drinking, they’ve gained a very loyal base of followers. We simply had to know what was drawing everyone to this vineyard, so we took the time to visit them and see what types of wines they produce, as well as the vineyards themselves to see what their growing practices are like. What we found made us proud, as they show true dedication to quality and excellence from vine to bottling.

What type of growing practices does Del Dotto use?

With over 430 acres of vineyards, 121 of which are planted in everything from Cabernet Sauvignon to Sangiovese, it was amazing to find out that the entire operation is grown organically. This is quite impressive, as well as admirable. It’s not surprising to see smaller operations move to organic growing practices, but for one of this magnitude, the efforts to remain entirely organic are immense and we’re proud to see them taking the initiative.

Their vineyard blocks are located in a variety of locations and micro-climates including Rutherford Estate, St. Helena Mountain, Howell Mountain, and more. This has allowed them to grow a great range of grapevines that give plenty of room for producing plenty of premium wines for us to enjoy. This has also allowed them to enjoy their varied production techniques that include both traditional and new-age methods.

The wines of Del Dotto are great

One of the greatest experiences you can have is a visit to Del Dotto for one of their wine pairings. Their Executive Chef makes these events an absolute delight that will leave you with a wealth of memories to take home with you. Each pairing includes very carefully selected wines and delicious bites prepared by the chef. The experience begins in the caves at their St. Helena Mountain Estate and will definitely end with you making reservations to do it again in the future.

This experience is new to Del Dotto, but well-worth it, as it really immerses you in their world, which is one of dedication, beauty, and a love of great wine. One of the best features of this Vineyard is their gift sets that are available at very reasonable prices! With special estate wines that are available in gift box sets, they offer the chance to share their lovely wines with family and friends.

Make sure to let us know about your experience!

If you get a chance to check out Del Dotto Vineyards, make sure to pop back in and let us know what you thought. We love to hear from our readers and your experience just might spark the inspiration for our next feature post! If you tried a wine that was truly great, let us know which one it was so we can check it out ourselves and possibly create a feature on that as well! In the meantime, happy tasting from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault in South Florida.


May 17, 2017